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Tabman Magic
by Tabby Crabb

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Tabman Magic by Tabby Crabb

Known as The Tabman, Tabby Crabb moved through the innercircles of Close up and comedy magic for two decades both with his skill at crafting magic accessories like the famous Tabman Tables, Casino Chips, Knife through Arm, fine hardwood magicians' Wands and much, much more and appearing onstage and backstage with Amazing Johnathan and Kozak the Magician. Additionally Tabman spent five years as the hotel shows director for The International Brotherhoond of Magicians.

This ebook tells the truth about many relationships in the magic field. Relationships with customers like Max Maven, Harry Anderson and Paul Kozak and AJ and contemporary associates like Jeff Busby, Scotty York, Howie Schwarzman and more legends of Close Up and Bar and Comedy magic and ultimately the sale of the props business. Could you call this a "tell all book"? The answer is yes. Also covers all of The Tabman's effects and props and much, much more. Forward by Pete Biro.

This book is AWESOME! A loving tribute to the goddess of Magic! - Scott Alcalay on Facebook

I'd put it up there with the Eddie Fields book and the Al Baker/Roy Benson/Cardini trilogy from Todd Karr's Miracle Factory, as well as the Willard book from Mike Caveney's Magic Words. - Tom Ladshaw on the Genii Forum

I agree with Scott. It's one of the best books of the year! - Terry Terrell on Facebook

JUST BUY IT. - Pete Biro

The ebook includes not only the stories about the people but detailed information about how The Tabman made many of the props like the Jumbo Card Guillotine, How to make a Tabman Table, How the Chip Sets were made and much, much more including all the mailers and instruction sheets, Crossroader's Bluze, The Pro Props mailers, The Jeff Busby Story, Scotty York, The I.B.M. Convention Committee, Eric and Martin Lewis, Joe Stevens, Hank Lee, Bill Smith, John Gaughn, Obie O'Brien, Urban Cowboy Band, Dante Larsen, Becky Blaney, Geno Munari, Johnny Ace Palmer, David Price, Harry Anderson, Paul Harris, Melinda and her mom Bonnie, T. A. Waters, The Music City Conclave, Paul Kozak, Amazing Johnathan, Howie Schwarzman, Ray Mertz, Eugene Burger, Max Maven, Pete Biro, MAGIC!, The Spider Network, The Magic Menu, The Houdini Postcard and How To Make Money with Magic and finally the sale of the props business to Furs Class Magic.

1st edition 2009; 240 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Moja Norma
  2. Dedication
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Wait, there's more
  5. Introduction
  6. Crescent Moon Magic
  7. Magic into Music
  8. Conjurors' Woodworks
  9. MAGIC!
  10. Burton the Bizarre
  11. Spider Network
  12. Michael Ammar
  13. The Magic Menu
  14. Max Maven
  15. T. A. Waters
  16. Tabman USA
  17. Card Guillotines
  18. Houdini's Postcard
  19. Scotty's Light Bulb Trick
  20. The Brotherhood
  21. Howie Schwarzman
  22. The Music City Conclave
  23. Mayhem
  24. Tabman Tables
  25. Drawer Table
  26. Dice Stacking Table
  27. Café Table
  28. Cabaret Table
  29. Notes on the Erdnase Train Table
  30. How to make a Tabman Table
  31. Tabman's Arm Saw
  32. A Few Good Magic Dealers
  33. Casino Chip Magic
  34. Make your own Chip Stack Set
  35. The Jim, Shim, and Maggie Show
  36. A Rosewood Turnover Box with chips
  37. Favorite Gambling Stuff
  38. The Busker's Magic
  39. Dr. Hofzinser's Hand
  40. Pro Props Magic
  41. The No Slouch Pouch
  42. Wands and Paddles
  43. The Ellison Wand Collection
  44. The Fakir of Bangkok
  45. Gone!
  46. About the Tabman
  47. Glossary
  48. Photo and Illustration Credits
  49. More Drawings
  50. Index

word count: 54726 which is equivalent to 218 standard pages of text

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