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by Robert A. Nelson


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Tele-Thought by Robert A. Nelson

Tele-Thought is conceded to be the greatest of all pseudo psychic and mental tests. Present Tele-Thought as a prediction - a prophecy - as a genuine experiment in mental telepathy, or both!

Here is a brilliantly conceived psychic effect, impregnated with showmanship and a superb presentation to baffle and astound the keenest of minds.

Read most carefully the following superb effect: With a few well chosen remarks about mental telepathy and the ability of a 'chosen few' to pierce the wall of the future, the mentalist asks any spectator to select any page from any group of newspapers. The selection is absolutely free. The mentalist now writes a prediction on a borrowed and signed piece of paper, seals it in a borrowed envelope, and gives it to any spectator to hold all during the test.

Taking the selected sheet of newspaper, the mentalist proceeds to tear the sheet into two equal pieces. The audience is asked to state which piece of paper is to be discarded. This piece is discarded, and the remaining piece is torn again into two equal parts. Again the audience directs which piece of paper is to be retained. This procedure continues until the full sheet has been torn five times, the audience at each junction ascertaining the piece of paper to be retained. After the fifth tear, a 1/32nd scrap of the original sheet remains.

The mentalist now tears this remaining 32nd of a page into a number of small pieces, about one by two inches in size. The audience is now requested to select any one of the remaining pieces, as the mentalist places them, one at a time, on a table, all in plain view of the audience. Whenever the audience selects a piece of paper, that paper is immediately and actually given to any spectator. The spectator is requested to stand and read aloud the major contents on one side of the selected paper! Immediately, the other spectator is directed to open the prediction and read it aloud. The prediction and the copy on the selected paper are IDENTICAL!

Now for the second terrific climax: The selected piece of newspaper can then be given by the first spectator to any other spectator, who mentally (and silently) reads the copy on the reverse side of the paper AND the mentalist then apparently reads this spectator's mind, and proclaims aloud - word for word - the copy just read mentally by the second spectator. Or, he can write the 'mental impression' on a blackboard, and then reveal it as being identical. This is a second climax in a dual experiment in the realm of the impossible - first, prediction - then mental telepathy.

Points to be remembered: The prediction or revelation of the reverse side of the paper can be done in many ways. The prediction can be made before or after the sheet of paper is selected. The prediction is written on a borrowed, spectator-signed piece of paper, sealed in any envelope and placed in the complete custody of any spectator. The spectator opens the envelope and verifies same.

Once the prediction is made and delivered to the spectator, the mentalist never approaches the spectator at any time. He tears the newspaper as directed by the audience, and actually hands the piece of paper selected by any spectator for immediate verification. This brilliant feat can be repeated immediately, if desired.

This superb dual effect does not employ any stooges or confederates. It is strictly a one man presentation, and suitable for presentation under practically all circumstances. The performer is under complete control of the situation at all times.

Easily performed - nothing to memorize. Mere words are inadequate to describe the full force and impact of this amazing mental miracle - a reputation builder that you cannot afford not to possess. Complete, with lecture, patter and everything but the newspapers (use any papers).

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"TELE-THOUGHT is knocking them dead. Surpasses your advertising claims, which are fantastic." - Peter Reveen

"I did TELE-THOUGHT for the first time and they were absolutely flabbergasted; it knocked them cold. I want to say that it is the best effect I ever bought, and worth $50.00 to me." - R. B. Thomas

1st edition 1952; expanded digital edition 2016, 25 pages.
word count: 8079 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text