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Telepathy Personified
by Ron and Nancy Spencer


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

Telepathy Personified by Ron and Nancy Spencer

For years Ron and Nancy have fooled audiences worldwide with their Minds in Harmony act. Here, for the first time, they reveal all of their treasured secrets - secrets that will enable the reader to recreate this act in its entirety. In his foreword to this book Edwin Dawes says:

Despite the numerous times I have seen Ron and Nancy Spencer present their act it has never palled, the freshness and apparent spontaneity of their interaction (not to mention the challenge for the magician of endeavouring to detect their methods!) has captured the imagination. For much of the second half of the twentieth century Minds in Harmony brought pleasure and mystery to audiences. Now, as Ron and Nancy have retired from performing, they have decided to divulge the details of their techniques, a decision that will be welcomed by those who wish to emulate them as well as by those who are simply curious to learn how it was done. Hard work is the short answer but the reader will find everything he or she needs to set about mastering a two-person telepathic act and one that can be constructed from material that has been tried, tested and proven to be hugely successful.

The Spencer's complete act is revealed here for the first time anyone with the desire to learn a baffling two-way telepathy act need look no further.

This wonderful book has 140 pages together with numerous line drawings and photographic illustrations. It is a large format hardback volume (nine-and-a-half inches by 6-and-a-quarter inches) printed on high quality paper with a full colour, glossy-laminated dust jacket.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • Part 1
    • Introduction
    • How We Began
    • Symbolic Harmony
    • The Book Test
    • Up in a Balloon
    • The Clock
    • The Third Man
    • Silent Thought Transmission
    • Setting the Stage
    • The Order of Three
    • Duplicate Drawings
    • Mental File
    • Tarot Telepathy
    • Crystal Clear
    • Tarot Tutor
    • The Birthday
    • Palmistry: Fact or Fiction?
    • Twenty Questions
    • Question and Answer Act
    • The Piddingtons
    • For Beginners
  • Part 2
    • The Basis of the Act
    • The Museum
    • Article Telepathy
    • The Article Act
    • Alphabetically Speaking
    • Silent, Yes, Right, Code for Letters
    • Visual Code for Letters
    • York Guides Association Dinner
    • The Radio Interview
    • Travel Telepathy
    • Telephone Numbers
    • The Playing Cards
    • An ESP Set-up
    • What They Say
  • Appendix 1 The Blindfold
  • Appendix 2 Duplicate Drawing Pictures
  • Appendix 3 Article Act Memory Cards
  • Appendix 4 Alphabet Memory Cards
  • Appendix 5 Travel Telepathy Memory Cards
  • Appendix 6 Occupations Memory Cards
  • The Telephone Number Cards
  • Appendix 7 How the Cards are Marked

1st edition 2005, 139 pages; 1st digital edition 2020, 98 pages.
word count: 21909 which is equivalent to 87 standard pages of text

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