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Terry LaGerould's Pasteboard Presentations II

by Scott Cram
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Terry LaGerould's Pasteboard Presentations II by Scott Cram

After years of magicians calling for Terry LaGerould to put out a new book, it's here! With more than 60 pages containing 17 card effects, and more than 35 photos, you'll easily learn these routines!

Back in 1992, many magicians were first exposed to Terry LaGerould's unique approach to card magic in a book called, Pasteboard Presentations. This book, now out of print, is still being sought after by many magicians.

For those unfamiliar with Terry LaGerould, the hallmark of his magic is efficient, innovative use of standard moves combined with highly commercial presentations. All the material in Pasteboard Presentations II comes directly from Terry's repetoire, and has been perfected over years of performing at major casinos in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno.

In this book, you'll find both original effects, and classics of magic taken in startling new directions! You'll find self-working effects for the novice, as well as challenging effects for advanced magicians, including:

Unexpected - A psuedo-center deal demonstration with a four ace kicker

Royal Victory - A selected 5 card poker hand is changed into a Royal Flush

Ace Shuttle - The cardboard astronaut escapes from the shuttle

Up the Down Staircase - "Triumph" done with the four Queens

It's All in Your Mind - A mentally selected card repeatedly vanishes

Mental Photography - The black aces "burn" (turn red), printing a selected card

Tell-A-Pathic Gypsies - Four Queens change, and then are found by the spectator

Unforgettable - An impromptu "Triumph" effect that ends with blacks and red separated

Cardboard Keyboard - "Spectator Cuts to the Aces" with a musical presentation

Traveling Man - A King is sandwiched between to red Queens, and jumps back and forth

Cardboard Sobriety Test - Test the spectator's sobriety with the Jacks, Kings, Queens and Aces

Jewel Thief - Two cards change places in the spectator's hands

Instantane-E-Ace-Ly - Just as the magician gives up looking, the four aces are produced

Illusive Cocktail Gals - The Queens are each placed on one of four piles, and magically travel to one pile

Carboard Lie Detector - A small packet-size "Lie Detector" routine

Impromptu Invisible Deck - The Invisible Deck routine, done without gaffs

Incredible Cardboard Acrobat - Halves of the deck impossibly flip face-up and face down, with a "Triumph" finish

1st edition 2001; 63 pages
word count: 19059 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Paul Hallas (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 06 August, 2014

If you love entertaining card magic you’d be far better served purchasing this e-book than the latest card magic books and DVD’s coming onto the market. The read and then perform ratio will be far higher than most magic books. The first Pasteboard Presentations is out of print and if found swaps hands for high prices on the internet, if you missed that, don’t miss this. You’ll easily find a new complete set for your close up performances.

Familiar ‘effects’ may be covered, like assemblies and triumphs and there may be cleverer versions out there method wise but the important thing about the routines is their presentations. Of course you’ll change some to suit your style, but at least you’ll have an entertaining starting point.

You’ll no doubt have your own favorites, but those that went straight into my repertoire were: Royal Victory, a reasonably simple effect where five randomly selected cards apparently change into a royal flush.

Instantane e ace-ly. A great four of a kind production thanks to a patter everyone can identify with. With a little thought you can use four queens and instantly follow up with...

The Illusive Cocktail Gals. A simple assembly routine great for bars etc. Tip, don’t have the spectator put a beer glass on the pile as the condensation will wet your cards. A stemmed glass is fine, but occasionally I’ve suggested they use their imaginations to imagine the card box is a large heavy tray of drinks rather than use a glass.

Up The Down Staircase. This is an easy triumph routine involving four queens and could also be used as a lead in to the latter effect.

Cardboard Sobriety Test. This plays far better than it might read. Terry took an old self worker, added a sleight, a couple of other things and a clever presentation and knocked it out of the ball park. I know how good it is I’ve used it.

Jewel Thief—This is another simplistic thing I didn’t think would play well but it did. I’m not a big fan of spectators holding cards under the table but it’s worth it just to watch the spectator switch out his own card.

Okay, those are just the ones I’ve actually used out in the real world. I started to play with Ace Shuttle but stopped when I realized I already had in my repertoire a far simpler version of the same effect (Aldo Colombini’s “Jumbo” in print in one of his books and on his DVD “Stand Up Card Magic”).

At some point I’m sure I’ll go back and work more on “Unforgettable” a three phase routine where a spectators thought of card vanishes from five cards twice, then all the cards but the thought of card disappear. There are other routines in the book, but for me these were the ones that stood out.