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Test Conditions
by Bob Cassidy

#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author

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Test Conditions by Bob Cassidy

The art of presenting mental miracles under apparently foolproof test conditions.

Four completely scripted original and entertaining routines designed to demonstrate your mental abilities under conditions that apparently preclude the use of trickery or fraud. In addition to the routines is a complete analysis of the psychology underlying "Brain Buster" and "test conditions" effects.


Time Stop - This miracle is performed with any unprepared borrowed watch that has a second hand. There are no magnets or gimmicks of any kind required. The effect is totally impromptu.

After verifying the current time - say 8:05 - a spectator is asked to hold the watch in her own hands and to focus all of her attention on the second hand.

The mentalist tells her to imagine that the second hand is slowing down, and then to imagine that it has stopped completely. After a few seconds she either exclaims that the second hand stopped or that something strange seemed to happen to it.

The mentalist responds, "Good. Now close your eyes. Imagine the face of the watch. Imagine that you see the second hand moving again. Now imagine that you are looking at the hour and minute hands. It is about seven or eight minutes after eight o'clock. Imagine that the clock is suddenly speeding up. And now imagine that it has stopped once again.

"Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between illusion and reality. And sometimes illusion can actually become reality. Open your eyes, look at the watch, and tell us what time it is now."

She'll be obviously amazed when she states that the hands are now showing ten minutes to nine!

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1st edition 2004; 20 pages.
word count: 6771 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text