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The RV Tester
by Bob Cassidy

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The RV Tester by Bob Cassidy

This has always been one of Bob's most popular effects among the mentalists who have seen him perform it. This ebook comes complete with ready-to-print templates that will enable you to assemble the "Remote Viewing Testing Book" from ordinary 3x5 blank index cards.

The testing book contains lists and geographical coordinates of hundreds of locations throughout the world. Without writing anything down a committee of spectators selects any of locations to test the mentalist's remote viewing abilities. The performer is able to describe, in exact detail, the selected location. There are no forces per se and the effect may be repeated if desired.

This exclusive release uses principles that have never before been incorporated into a single test. Since it requires no prior preparation to perform, all you have to do is put the testing book in your pocket and you will be ready and able to perform a "test conditions" demonstration of remote viewing anytime and at any place! If you like powerful and memorable mentalism, don't miss this.

1st edition 2003; 18 pages + 107 page testing book PDF