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The Art of Eddie Joseph
by Hugh Miller


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Art of Eddie Joseph by Hugh Miller

"I consider Eddie Joseph one of the magical geniuses of this age." - John Braun (editor of the Linking Ring).

"Eddie Joseph's material isn't only's great." - Lloyd E. Jones writing in Genii

"His originations have won him world acclaim and a niche in Magic's Hall of Fame." - Eddie Clever

"Just how one man can be so good in so many fields, we don't know. We do feel, however, that the world of magic can consider itself lucky that there is such a person. At one time, we remember Joe Berg arguing with us that there wasn't such a person, that it was a phoney name dreamed up to mask some top professional." - Sid Lorraine

Eddie Joseph had a remarkable ability to create stunning magic tricks. Perhaps one of his most well-known creations is Premonition. In this collection prepared by Hugh Miller you will find many more of Eddie Joseph's wonderful magic creations.


  • Foreword
  • My New Six Card Repeat Trick
  • My Card Peek
  • Borrowed Sight
  • Trapped in Space
  • Fertile Fingers
  • The Hidden Truth
  • Peculiar Permeation
  • Veiled Passage
  • The Critical Thrust
  • A Person to Person Call
  • Vacant Vision
  • Heart-Throb
  • Minds in Collusion
  • An Opening Combination
  • International Currency
  • Crash Entry
  • Ballistic Coin
  • Unseen Flight
  • Rainbow Coins
  • The Back Hand Smack
  • A Twin Sucker Episode
  • Red and Green
  • Sensational Disappearance
  • Secret Exit
  • The Nuptial Knot
  • A Cabaret Routine
  • The Spirit Lends a Hand
  • The Snake Sheds its Skin
  • Reel Tips
  • Match Mysteries
  • Human Magnet
  • Bewildering Buttons
  • Traversing Ring and Note
  • Recurring Smokes
  • Hold My Wrist
  • Ring On Stick
  • Converging Cubes
  • The Hindu Yarn Trick
  • Smoky Silks
  • My Sympathetic Silks
  • Indian Rice Stabbing Illusion
  • Full View Flash Escape
  • Unyielding Rope
  • Mysterious Resurrection
  • Sleek Burnt & Restored Hanky
  • Yogi's Gaze
  • Cutting Through a Lady
  • Secret Ballot
  • Living Calendar
  • Thought Reflection
  • Elusive Tie
  • The Regal Sceptre
  • Mirage
  • E.J. Universal Holder & Display Stand

1st edition 1978, 349 pages; 1st digital edition 2015, 206 pages.
word count: 72978 which is equivalent to 291 standard pages of text