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Lloyd E. Jones

Lloyd E. Jones

(Grass Valley, California: 7th July 1906 - 18th September 1984)

Aka "E. Samuels" as pen name. Pharmacist in Oakland. Semi-pro magic dealer-collector-publisher. A founder and first President of the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians in 1933. Book dealer-publisher as Magic Limited by 1940. SAM President 1955-56.

A major collector of magic books since 1943 when he bought the Rybolt Collection, which totaled 9,200 items (some 5,000 titles). Jones then added the collections of Joseph Ovette, Raymond Gerike, Charles Nyquist (some 1,000 books c1970), and Robert Andrews.

Sold his superb collection in 1975 to Byron Walker, thence concentrating on his magic publishing business, Magic Limited. 1979 AMA Special Fellowship.

Published-edited What's Doing 1940, The Bat 1943-51, Bat Jr 1951-55, S.O.B. Jr 1970-78, and Bat Droppings 1979-84.

Wrote Meet the Boys of The Pacific Coast (1934, 48pp), The Dime and Penny (1945, 19pp), The Medicine Man Pitch (1954, 9pp), S.B.S. [1973, 43pp], etc. Book reviewer for Tops and Genii. Tricks in Hugard's Magic Monthly.

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Lloyd E. Jones
The Bat Numbers 51 - 86 (1948 - 1951) by Lloyd E. Jones

Issues run from March 1948 thru February 1951 and include an index. Numbers 51 to 86.

  1. The Bat - Numbers 51 to 86
  2. Index - Numbers 51 to 86

  1. The Bat - Number Fifty-One - March 1948 - 8 pages
  2. Darn Clever These Chinese! - Frank M. Chapman
  3. Bat's Belfry - editor's comments
  4. Gag Bag
  5. Reverse Magic - Johnnie Murray
  6. Psychic Slate Mystery - Frank M. Chapman
  7. Puzzle Corner
  8. What This Country Needs - James Kolocotronis
  9. Great Card Tricks - Glenn G. Gravatt
    • The "Nine" Coincidence
    • The Prophetic Pair
  10. The Key Mysterious
  11. Keeping TAB
    • Maurice F. Raymond obituary
    • Open Sesame...
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Lloyd E. Jones
The Bat Numbers 1 - 50 (1943 - 1948) by Lloyd E. Jones

The Bat was the house organ for Magic Limited published by Lloyd Jones that ran from No. 1, Feb. 1943 until No. 86, Feb. 1951 for a total of 86 issues. (This PDF includes numbers 1 to 50. See the second volume for the remaining issues.) It is filled with close-up and stage effects of every kind, and brings you magic by top names like Charlie Miller, Dr. Jaks, Bert Allerton, Charles Jordan, Frank Chapman, T. Page Wright, and many more prominent pros of the era. It was also for a time the Official Organ of the Magic Dealers Association.

Issues run from February 1943 thru February 1948 and include an index. Published irregularly, then monthly starting with Number 13.

  1. The Bat...
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Lloyd E. Jones
The Dime and Penny by Lloyd E. Jones

Twenty-five excellent tricks are concisely explained by Lloyd E. Jones for this excellent piece of mechanical coin magic. Nicely illustrated, too. The Dime and Penny ebook makes an old trick modern and definitely establishes it as one of the classics of magic.

No difficult sleights are required, no bulky apparatus, every move is described. You'll deceive your friends for days on end with the excellent magic effects possible with this one piece of mechanical magic. It's doubtful that any book devoted to a single pocket trick has ever featured such good magic as is given in this book.


★★★★★ $4
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)