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John Braun

(Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio: 4th September 1896 - 22nd June 1988)

Mechanical engineer with Proctor & Gamble until retired in 1961. A Shriner. Inspired and learned magic around age 12 by father showing a mathematical trick. Inspired again in 1912 seeing Germain. Debut in 1920. Semi-pro. Founding member Queen City Mystics (Cincinnati) 1922. IBM President 1946-47. IBM Medallion of Honor. Edited The Linking Ring 1942-48, 1965-67. 1979 AMA Literary Fellowship.

Book editor and wrote many articles. Wrote Subtle Problems You Will Do (1937, 75pp, with Stewart Judah) and Keith Clark's Rope Royale (1942, 14pp).

Coauthors: Stewart Judah

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Stewart Judah & John Braun
Subtle Problems You will Do (used) by Stewart Judah & John Braun

Softcover stapled. Cover torn at spine. For details on content see the digital edition.

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Stewart Judah & John Braun
Subtle Problems You will Do by Stewart Judah & John Braun

This is a work mostly of card magic, but not exclusively so. It has some photos and some illustrations by Sid Lorraine. From the introduction by H. Adrian Smith:

Having been one of the first to read the present material, and having seen most of it presented by the authors, I can assure the reader that he is in for a treat. However, if he simply glances through the book, he may be justified when he believes that he has not received his money’s worth. This is one book that must be read with care, for it must be borne in mind that both authors are masters in the art of minute detail, and if one does not absorb the details...

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)