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The Audiobook
by Mystic Alexandre

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The Audiobook by Mystic Alexandre

You wrote this professionally produced audiobook. That's right. No author is mentioned in the recording. The audiobook is called: "M A G I C - A   T R A N S F O R M A T I V E   A R T"

The file you will download is 23.9 MB. I keep it on my phone so it's easy to immediately send to potential customers. The audiobook is 12 minutes long, and narrated by a female voice, we felt it sounded better that way, more pleasing to the ear.

So what's the point?

  • To excite your customers with a gift
  • To get customer contact info
  • To show you're an expert in the field of magic by mentioning you wrote it

The script was carefully written to entice listeners to want to work with you by subtly introducing mystery, professionalism, interest, and excitement, along with a slight view behind the curtain. And yes, I suggest you say you wrote it and the IBM, SAM, the PEA, or whatever organization you might belong to, decided to create this audiobook as a paid download from an article you wrote - however you want to frame it.

I also suggest you go ahead and add your name to the file: After the title, write "by (your name)"

I feel it's stronger and more effective to say it was published as an audiobook by a publisher or organization from an article you wrote, rather than tell them it's a self-published audiobook.

I use it exclusively to give away to people as a gift, which is what I suggest you do. Of course, to send it to them, you need their email. Boom! Now you have their contact info to add to your professional contact list, invite them to your shows, send them your newsletter, invite them to lunch to discuss performing at their venue, and subtly imply that you're an expert in your field for having written such a thing, you get the picture.

So what's in this audiobook?

Short chapters on:

  • The Fascinating History of Magic
  • Why Magic?
  • The Philosophy of Magic
  • The Psychology of Magic
  • The Future of Magic
  • An Ancient Story
  • Conclusion

Extremely valuable. And it has worked wonders for me. Now I share it with you. No "instructions" come with this download audiobook because I just spilled the beans on here. That's all you need to know, now go get 'em.

1st edition 2023, audio 12 minutes.

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