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The Black Art or Magic Made Easy
by unknown


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The Black Art or Magic Made Easy by unknown
    1. How To Make The Pass
    2. The Long Card
    3. To Produce a Particular Card without Seeing the Pack
    4. To Call for Any Card in the Pack
    5. The Changeable Ace
    6. The Convertible Aces
    7. The Gathering of the Clans
    8. Everybody's Card
    9. Forcing a Card
    10. The Card hit upon by Guess
    11. Ups and Downs
    12. To Tell The Card That A Person Has Touched With His Finger
    13. The Card Discovered by Touch or Smell
    14. Confederate Cards
    15. The Ten Duplicates, or Cards in Couples
    16. The Turn-Over Feat
    17. The Nerve Feat
    18. To Tell The Number Of Cards By The Weight
    19. To Change the Card by Word of Command
    20. The Card in a Mirror
    21. The Card in the Opera-Glass
    22. The Cards in Tea-Caddies
    23. To Change A Card That's Been Put In A Box
    24. To Pick out a Card thought of, Blindfold
    25. The Knaves and the Constable
    26. The Royal Emigrants
    27. To Shuffle Cards So As Always To Keep One Certain Card At The Bottom
    28. The Magic Opera-Glass
    29. To Separate the Two Colors of a Pack of Cards by One Cut
    30. The Card Discovered Under the Handkerchief
    31. The Card Under the Hat
    32. The Card Burned and Afterwards Found in a Watch
    33. The Card in the Nut
    34. The Card in the Egg
    35. The Card in the Pocket-Book
    36. The Card Found Out by the Point of a Sword
    37. To Select all the Court Cards Blindfold
    38. To Name the Card upon which One or more Persons Fix
    39. To Make the Court Cards always Come Together
    40. To Change Four Knaves or Kings Held in Your Hand into Blank Cards or into Four Aces
    41. Picture Cards
    42. The Locomotive Card
    43. The Painted Pack
    44. To Turn a Card into a Bird
    45. Cards Changing Places by Command
    46. To Produce a Mouse from a Pack of Cards
    47. To Name the Rank of a Card that a Person has Drawn from a Piquet Pack
    48. To Tell the Card that May be Noted
    49. To Tell the Amount of the Numbers of any Two Cards Drawn from a Common Pack
    50. Ten Cards being Arranged in a Circle, to Tell that which Any One Thought of
    51. A New Method to Tell a Card by its Weight
    52. The Window Trick
    53. The Card of One Colour found in a Pack of the Other
    54. To Name several Cards which have been Drawn out of a Pack which has been Divided into Two Heaps
    55. To find a Certain Card after it has been Shuffled in the Pack
    56. Of Twenty-five Cards laid in Five Rows upon a Table to Name The One Touched
    57. Of Two Rows of Cards TO tell the One Which Has Been Touched
    58. To Guess the Card Thought of
    59. The Circle of Fourteen Cards
    60. The Shifting Card
    61. The Magic Slide, or to make a Card Disappear in an instant
    62. The Four Transformed Kings
    63. To Guess the Spots on Cards at the Bottom of Three Packets, which have been made by the Drawer
    64. To Guess the Cards which Four Persons Have Fixed Their Thoughts Upon
    65. How to Arrange the Twelve Picture Cards and the Four Aces of a Pack in Four Rows, so that there will be in neither Row Two Cards of the same Value nor Two of the same Suit, whether counted horizontally or perpendicularly.
    66. On Entering a Room, to Know of Three Cards placed Side by Side which have been Reversed - That Is To Say, Turned Upside Down
    67. To Bring a Card which has been Thrown Out of the Window into the Pack again
    1. To Obtain Fire from Water
    2. To Give a Party a Ghastly Appearance
    3. The Fire and Wine Bottle
    4. The Fiery Flash
    5. To Boil a Liquid Without Fire
    6. To Procure Hydrogen Gas
    7. To Copy Writing with a Flat-iron
    8. To make Fringe appear about the Flame Of A Candle
    9. To Produce Instantaneous Light upon Ice
    10. To make Paper Fireproof
    11. To Melt Lead in Paper
    12. To Melt Steel as easily as Lead
    13. A Light that Burns for a Year
    14. Flame Extinguished by Gas
    15. The Tobacco-Pipe Cannon
    16. Prince Rupert's Detonating Glass Bombs
    17. To Wash the Hands in Molten Lead
    18. To make an Artificial Earthquake and Volcano
    19. To Produce Fire from Cane
    20. To Soften Iron or Steel
    21. To Fill with Smoke Two Apparently Empty Bottles
    22. To Make Luminous Writing in the Dark
    23. To Make Red Fire
    24. To Make Green Fire
    25. To Make Wine or Brandy Float on Water
    26. To Make Beautiful Transparent Coloured Water
    1. How to Make a Coin Stick against the Wall
    2. The Balancing Coin
    3. The Vanishing Coin
    4. To Bring two separate Coins into One Hand
    5. The Magic Coin
    6. The Hat and Shilling Trick
    7. To Take a Shilling Out of a Handkerchief
    8. To Change a Sixpence into a Half-Sovereign
    9. The Magic Halfpenny
    10. To Multiply Coin
    11. The Sixpence and Half-Crown in a Glass
    12. The Dinner Table Puzzle
    13. To Make a Sixpence Vanish

1st edition 1869, 64 pages; PDF 41 pages.
word count: 16116 which is equivalent to 64 standard pages of text

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Magic & Conjuring / Published 1800-1899