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The Calostro Mind Reading Act
by Ralph W. Read


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Calostro Mind Reading Act by Ralph W. Read
"This system is, without doubt, the crowning achievement in this line. The author, an exponent of the mystic art for over thirty years, and former magic dealer, is widely known for his many original contributions in the field of Mind Reading, Spiritualism and Psychic Phenomena. Among these world-famous creations were the 'Wireless Mind Reading Act', the 'Talking Teakettle', the 'Spirit Telephone', the 'Improved Reading of Written Messages', etc. These are all outstanding effects and you will find this equally true of 'The Calostro Mind Reading Act'." - Robert W. Doidge

From the introduction:

It is a new, complete and perfect system for doing the "Question Answering Act," requiring two persons whom we shall call the performer and the medium. Once acquired, you are ready to present the act on a moment's notice, at any time or place, stage, hall, platform, club, residence, or on the open prairie - all you need is an audience who have questions they wish answered.

  • Publisher's Comment
  • What Is The Calostro Mind Reading Act?
  • The System Employed
  • The Fundamental Principle Relating To Questions
  • Memorizing Made Easy
  • Key Letters
  • Memorizing The Questions
  • "Key List" Of Numbers And Corresponding "Key Words"
  • List Of Questions
  • Method For Study And Practice
  • Regarding Certain Questions
  • The Calostro Perfected Code
  • Special Code Words
  • Details Regarding The Code
  • Two Code Words Used For All Basic Questions From (00) To (99).
  • Uses And Variable Forms Of The Code Words
  • The Artificial Memory System As Applied To The Code Words
  • "Free" Words
  • Questions Having "Blanks" Or "Fill-Ins"
  • The Fill-In Lists
  • Coding The "Fill-Ins"
  • Questions Having Both Blanks And Variations
  • Written Questions
  • Method Of "Reading" And Answering Questions
  • Wit And Punch Needed
  • Confederates Or "Plants"
  • The Calostro System May Be Extended
  • Special List Of Questions
  • Alternate Mnemonic System
  • The Introductory Speech
  • In Conclusion

1st edition 1934, 31 pages; PDF 36 pages.
word count: 11209 which is equivalent to 44 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Joel Alexandre (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 01 February, 2024

I have received the e-book. I understand the mnemonic system used. I know the Major System and the Dominic O'Brian system and the Andi Bell system. I had a field day. Loved the Book. I give it a 5-star.