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Ralph W. Read

Ralph W. Read

(USA: - 26th March 1952)

Inspired at age 9 by a dime-museum magician in Denver. Learned at age 13 from vaude magician. Debut at age 15. Pro mindreader. In 1908 took over Roterberg's mail-order business and founded the firm of Read & Covert in 1910, which became the Chicago Magic Co in 1912. Improved but did not invent the Mental Masterpiece prop. Later moved to New York City and finally (1948) California.

Wrote The Calostro Mind Reading Act (1934); The Three Shell Game (1938, 58pp); The Radio Vision Mind-Reading Code (by "Calostro"); 'One Man' Mind Reading Secrets (by "Calostro"); and Flash Paper Tips (1951, 50pp, with Stuart Robson). Ghosted or edited several others. Edited Volumes 3 (1943), 4 (1945), & 5 (1948) of the revised Tarbell Course in Magic. A memoir is Conventioneers Caravan (1949, 12pp). Articles in Linking Ring.

Coauthors: Tony Corinda, Stuart Robson

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Ralph W. Read
The Calostro Mind Reading Act by Ralph W. Read
"This system is, without doubt, the crowning achievement in this line. The author, an exponent of the mystic art for over thirty years, and former magic dealer, is widely known for his many original contributions in the field of Mind Reading, Spiritualism and Psychic Phenomena. Among these world-famous creations were the 'Wireless Mind Reading Act', the 'Talking Teakettle', the 'Spirit Telephone', the 'Improved Reading of Written Messages', etc. These are all outstanding effects and you will find this equally true of 'The Calostro Mind Reading Act'." - Robert W. Doidge

From the introduction: ...

★★★★★ $10
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Ralph W. Read
One Man Mind Reading Secrets by Ralph W. Read

From the introduction:

In general, the effects produced by a person working alone are the same as those presented by performers employing one or more assistants. While there are many tests, such as divining the names of chosen cards, numbers, names, etc., the large majority of these acts consists in the performer's revelation of facts concerning questions secretly written by the spectators. Of course, the performer must, in all cases, ascertain through some secret means what has been written in order to play the role of mind reader, and it is these secret methods that are disclosed in the...
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Stuart Robson & Ralph W. Read
Flash Paper Tips by Stuart Robson & Ralph W. Read

Incorporating the two previous editions known as Tips on Flash Paper and More Tips on Flash Paper, plus much additional material.

  • General Comments Re- Flash Paper
  • Opening Effects
  • Effects with Cigarettes, Cigars, Flames, Matches and Ashtrays
  • Effects with Money
  • Effects with Cards
  • Effects with Silks
  • Effects with Balls
  • Effects with Paper
  • Effects with Flowers
  • Effects with Rope
  • Effects with Milk
  • Miscellaneous Effects
  • Gags, Stunts and Bits of Business

1st edition 1951; 1st digital edition 2016, 52 pages.

★★★ $6
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Tony Corinda & Ralph W. Read
The Complete Guide to Billet Switching by Tony Corinda & Ralph W. Read

This is a combination of Corinda's Step 6 of his 13-Steps to Mentalism on Billets, and Ralph Read's One Man Mind Reading Secrets.

Part One Technique

  • Introduction
  • A Few Simple Rules For Working with Billets
  • The Centre Tear - Corinda Variation
  • The Centre Tear - Punx - Meir Variation
  • Centre Tear - One Hand Variation
  • Centre Tear - Corinda's Backward Variation
  • Centre Tear - Preparation of the Billet
  • Centre Tear - Reading the Billet
  • Billet Switch - Bare Hand Method
  • - Billet Switch (Annemann)
  • - The Billet Switch Bare Hand Method (Corinda)
  • Billet Switch by Lapping
  • Billet Switch - Magnetic Clip...
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