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The Cerebral Approach: Book Four
by Nick Conticello

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The Cerebral Approach: Book Four by Nick Conticello

Two locations based on a unique method.

No Mean Card Trick

Effect: From an unprepared pack he has just shuffled and cut, a spectator counts out ten cards and thinks of one. He buries the packet in the deck himself. The performer cuts the pack and deals out a 5x4 face-up array. He asks the spectator to think "yes" if his card is in the array. The performer confirms the card is on the table. Next the performer asks the spectator to concentrate on which horizontal row his card is in. After some effort, the performer discards the other three rows correctly. Finally, the spectator is asked to imagine the performer pushing the selection out of the array toward him. After a few moments, the performer pushes the selected card toward the spectator!

Sympatico Spell

The plot is unusual: the performer demonstrates a method for choosing and burying a card in the deck. The performer's selection is displayed openly to the audience and lost in the pack quite fairly. The spectator cuts the pack in half and cuts each half separately before selecting and burying his card. On retrieving the pack, the performer openly runs through it looking for his selection (which everybody knows) and cuts it fairly to the top. The performer's card is turned face up, and its name is spelled, dealing to the table one card per letter. The spectator's card is revealed at the end of the spell!

No sleights, but some mental arithmetic is required.

1st edition 2017, 13 pages.
word count: 5169 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text