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The Chirological Analysis Record
by Vincent Wilson


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Chirological Analysis Record by Vincent Wilson

Learn palmistry easily.

Vince Wilson's Chirological Analysis Record is, without doubt, the most beautiful and exquisitely designed palm reading tick sheet it will ever be your pleasure to own and use. This tick sheet will enable you to take your palm readings to the next level, and can be handed to your sitter as a permanent keepsake of the palm reading you have provided for them. The tick sheet comes with full permission to print and use in any capacity, and also allows you to add your own name and contact details, thereby increasing repeat bookings. Full instructions, also elegantly produced, accompany the tick sheet.

If you've used tick sheets before, be assured that this is the very king of tick sheets! And if you've never used one before, you will discover why so many professional readers swear by them as a tool that heightens the reading and the sitter's experience, while also facilitating repeat bookings.

1st edition 2018, PDF 7 pages.