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The Conservation of Magic
by Leo Behnke


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The Conservation of Magic by Leo Behnke

Do you know the correct temperature for your library? What should the humidity be? Can you save rotting leather? What's the best method of storing playing cards? How do you recover computer disks that have been drowned? Just one reading of The Conservation of Magic will save you years of research and study in order to care for your artifacts so future collectors will find them in the best possible condition. Each chapter gives you the basics of understanding your magic collectibles, and then, step-by-step, how to care for them. You will learn how to look at your treasures like a professional, as well as why they need special treatments, all of which are explained.

The world of collecting is not only chasing and acquiring yesterday's prizes, but also making sure that future collectors will be able to enjoy what we have today. Is your collection properly protected against fire, flood, theft, and light? Do you have your items cataloged in a way that not only lets you know what you have but also where it is? Do you know how to properly clean feather flowers or display magic sets? Have you planned on how your prized objects will be dispersed, either before or after your death?

Magic collections, regardless of whether they're books or props, are under constant attack from thieves, the forces of nature, and even the atmosphere itself. You need to identify those enemies, know how to protect your collection from them, and how to pass your valuable materials on to future collectors.

The Conservation of Magic will turn your files and boxes of neglected props and printing into a valid and worthwhile collection...if you follow its advice.

Leo Behnke was the curator of David Copperfield's vast magic collection. Benefit from his experience and knowledge.

1st edition 2000; 173 pages

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Looking Ahead
  5. World of Books
  6. Delicate Ephemera
  7. Decks: From Atomic to Zinab
  8. Gimmicks and Props
  9. Fruit of the Worm
  10. Keeping Track
  11. The Final Decision
  12. Bibliography
  13. Sources
  14. Artisans
  15. Index

word count: 68640 which is equivalent to 274 standard pages of text