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The District System
by Dee Christopher


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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The District System by Dee Christopher

A powerful, versatile and propless system for mentalists.

This subtle and invisible system will allow you to recreate incredible demonstrations of mind reading and prediction previously limited to using expensive electronic props.

  • It's easy to learn, understand and implement.
  • There is no dual reality or special scripting.
  • No peeking or forcing.
  • No angles.
  • 100% accuracy every time.
  • This is a method that will instantly be added to your arsenal of ways to create solid demonstrations with ordinary items, at any time, in any situation.
So what can you do with this system? District will give you the ability to perform colour matching routines with ordinary pens or crayons, 'Seven keys to baldpate' style routines with no extra keys, switching, holding out or moves of any kind, 'Free will' style effects with borrowed items, close up Q&A style acts and much more.

Once you have understood the basic concept, your mind will be bubbling with ideas; several routines are included, but you'll find yourself creating unique presentations of your own. The system is hands-on and very casual, giving you the ability to really connect with your participants. You can perform in any country, in any language and you're only limited by your own creativity.

The District System gives you the ability to just know what decisions are being made in real time, without asking any questions, and with your head turned or your eyes genuinely blind folded. This gives you the power to take your presentations in many different ways, depending only on your character and premise.

I originally explored this idea over 8 years ago, and have since been quietly developing it into the versatile master method it is today.

1st edition 2017, 23 pages.
word count: 6860 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text