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The Ellis Mindreading Act
by W. G. Magnuson


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The Ellis Mindreading Act by W. G. Magnuson

EFFECT: The performer delivers a short lecture on mental telepathy and introduces the lady medium, whom, he explains, can with mental telepathy, answer any short question of a serious nature.

Small pads and pencils are passed out to interested spectators, requesting that they write their important questions, sign their name and fold the paper two times to make a small billet, with the question concealed inside. While the questions are being written, the medium is blindfolded and seated behind a small undraped table on the stage or raised platform. The folded billets are now collected in an ordinary glass bowl and without any apparent trickery or switches they are emptied on one side of the table at which the medium sits. The medium never picks up or touches any billet at any time.

Picking up one of the folded billets, the performer, who now stands on the platform alongside of the medium, holds the still folded billet up high above his head and asks the medium to concentrate on this question. This she does and answers it to the satisfaction of the writer. The question is then verified by the performer and finds it to be correct. In this manner, all questions are answered, writers being called by their name.

This is done without any sleights or palming of billets. It is presented in such a way that even those acquainted with ordinary mind reading methods will be fooled. No gimmicks, no electronics, no codes, hidden lights or chemicals. Nothing used by the folded billets that always remain in full view of the audience and are dumped on an undraped table. Simple, bold, and clean to do. Remember, the medium is blindfolded during the entire procedure.

If preferred, the mentalist can be the medium and have an assistant, wife or girlfriend collect the billets. He divines the questions, while blindfolded and answers them without ever touching a single billet. This is the same method used by the Ellis' to create a sensation during the 30s and 40s and is just as good now as it was then, as no sealed manila envelopes are used, just folded billets.

1st edition 2018, 3 pages.
word count: 1130 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text