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The Ganson Book by Lewis Ganson

This book is part biographical, a history of Lewis Ganson - one of the most prolific authors of magic, and a lot of wonderful magic.

It is written in Ganson's usual well-written, well-articulated style. Cards, coins, money magic, mental magic, cups and balls, and much more.

1st edition 1982; 232 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Dedication
  2. Bibliography
  3. Contents
  4. Index of Photographs
  5. A Tribute to Lewis Ganson Evening (Edwin Hooper)
  6. Introduction
  7. A Tribute from Dai Vernon
  8. The Music Room
  9. Jess
  10. The Burford Arms
  11. A Magician at the Bar
  12. The Cap and Pence
  13. Ellis Stanyon's Limit Four Ace Trick
  14. Moving On
  15. My Start in Magic
  16. Jack Hill's Presentation for the Torn and Restored Strip of Paper
  17. The War Years
  18. Home Again
  19. The Unique Magic Studio
  20. Germany
  21. The Story of Lili Marlene
  22. The Link (Will Ayling)
  23. The PSI Factor (Peter Warlock)
  24. Plastic Silks (Peter Warlock)
  25. Edwin's Rainbow Chips Routine
  26. Tips on Rainbow Chips (Michael Symes)
  27. Bobby Bernard's Coin Tunnel
  28. Cheeky Prediction (Roy Baker)
  29. Playing With Time (Martin Breese)
  30. The Name of the Game (Rink/Ganson)
  31. 'Clever Dick' (Fred Lowe)
  32. Back to Back with Tony Griffith
  33. Close-Up Finger-Ring Routine (Tom Johnston)
  34. Salt Galore (Hubert Lambert)
  35. Lewis Ganson's routine with Hubert Lambert's Salt Galore
  36. Bill in Lemon (Cliff Osman)
  37. Flip Deal (M. A. Perovich)
  38. Do As I Do - Extra (Dennis Sargeant/Graham Cheminais)
  39. Ring and String (Mark Leveridge)
  40. Giant Thimble-Rig
  41. The Card on the Ceiling (Alfred B. Jones/Tudor Brock)
  42. Fabian's Final Curtain
  43. Design For Laughter
  44. The Swinging Pendulum (Cliff Osman)
  45. Variation on the Rooklyn Top Palm (Dennis Sargeant)
  46. Five Coin Flourish (M. A. Perovich)
  47. Vernon's Variant - Plus (Mike Boate)
  48. Catching teh Cube
  49. Super Six (Corvelo)
  50. Fabian's - Back to the House
  51. More and More Amazement
  52. Flight of the Phoenix
  53. Fluttering Hearts (Phil Goldstein/Max Maven)
  54. Predicting Money in a Spectator's Pocket (John Booth)
  55. The Spirit Hand Writes (John Booth)
  56. Slow Motion Coin Vanish (John Cornelius)
  57. The Rovi Book Test
  58. Fold-A-Card (John Cornelius)
  59. Elmsley - Lewis Count
  60. Drop the Box
  61. Card in Crystal (Will Ayling)
  62. Remember and Forget (M. A. Perovich)
  63. Seven Card Monte
  64. Andre Robert's Green Carpet

word count: 74707 which is equivalent to 298 standard pages of text