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The Gen: 10 effects from volume 4
by Cameron Francis

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The Gen: 10 effects from volume 4 by Cameron Francis


  • ONE GOOD TURN (Al Koran) - A card is selected and replaced. A spectator, while the deck is behind his back, takes one card from the middle and reverses it. It is the selected card.
  • ZOMBIE CARD RISE (Eddie Ward) - A very clever floating card under handkerchief. No gimmicks. Everything can be examined.
  • FOLLOW MY LEADER (Ed Marlo) - A very easy to do Follow The Leader routine using ten red and ten black cards.
  • KNOT ON THE CORNER (Tom Sellers) - A knot appears on the corner of a handkerchief.
  • THE SLIP CUT EFFECT (Ed Marlo) - A selected card keeps appearing face up on top of the face down deck. You'll love the handling of this.
  • A MINOR TRIUMPH (Alex Elmsley) - A small packet triumph routine.
  • THAT CERTAIN STAB (Lewis Ganson) - A card stab with a twist.
  • CARD TRICK NUMBER 3 (Frederica) - Two cards are found after a process of elimination. This can be done over the phone.
  • THREE LITTLE PIGS (Frederica) - A novel two in the hand, one in the pocket routine.
  • THE FOUR BLANKS (Alex Elmsley) - Four blank cards (or Jokers) are fairly displayed. They instantly turn into the four Aces.

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