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Club 71: 10 effects from volume 4
by Cameron Francis

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Club 71: 10 effects from volume 4 by Cameron Francis


  • TWO TIMES TEN CARD TRICK (Simon Lovell) - A super fair packet effect where a spectator's freely selected card is found in an impossible manner.
  • WHAT'S IN A NAME (Arun Bonerjee) - A freeely selected card is discovered using the letters of a spectator's name.
  • YCLIPT (Max Maven) - A paperclip disappears and reappears on a freely selected card.
  • SIGNED TRANSPO IN TRIPLICATE (Justin Higham) - An excellent variaiton of Bro. John Hamman's "Signed Transverse Triplet". Two cards (can be signed) change places among four Kings... three times.
  • A SUIT IN COURT (Solyl Kundu) - A B'Wave type effect using normal cards.
  • BACKTRACK (Max Maven) - A card is selected. An odd backed card is discovered in the deck... it matches the selection.
  • MISTAKE (Arun Bonerjee) - A clever Card At Number variation.
  • PENETRATING (T. Boxxx) - A folded card visually penetrates a folded bill. Both can be examined after the effect.
  • DEMISER'S DREAM (Max Maven) - A clever, self working "Dead Test".
  • SQUARE BASHING (Stephen Tucker) - An excellent and very easy to do magic square routine!

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