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The Guide
by Gerard Zitta


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Guide by Gerard Zitta

In ten seconds, you will be able to guess any information thought among two possibilities. It can be any effect where there are two outcomes.

  • Improvised
  • Very versatile principle
  • Can be used in existing routines where you need to know for instance if a thought card is RED or BLACK, if a spectator likes something or not, etc.
Key points:
  • The nice thing about this principle, is that it is 100% impromptu, and even improvised.
  • 100% Hands off
  • No stooges
  • No gimmick or electronics
  • Works with many objects that can be borrowed (pen, knife/spoon/fork, lighter, eraser, card box, pack of cigarettes, cigarette, phone, bill, envelope, book, notepad, piece of paper, glasses, hat, scissors, business cards, etc.)

1st edition 2016, 20 pages.
word count: 3739 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 05 December, 2016

The Guide contains an extremely intriguing principle to determine which of a binary choice a spectator has made. (It doesn't use MOs or a force either, which is what I had originally suspected.) Apparently, this is something that Zitta came up with years ago that he originally named "Janus," after the two-faced Roman god. I like that this short ebook gives a lot potential uses of the principle under different scenarios using a variety of objects such as business cards, pens, cigarettes, coins, straws, etc. and even includes color photos illustrating the method. While some of the possible routines seem contrived and artificial, there is one with the spectator's picking up a lighter to imagine lighting his way in the dark and turning left or right that I am definitely going to try. It seems well motivated and organic.

There is a lot of food for thought here so if you like this almost-propless concept, you should give this a go.