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The Guinn Utility Backslip
by Scott F. Guinn

#3 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Guinn Utility Backslip by Scott F. Guinn

The Guinn Utility Backslip or GUB is an extremely versatile and surprisingly simple technique, which can be used to accomplish or replace all of the following sleights:

  • Control card to top
  • Control card to second from top
  • Control card to bottom
  • Control card to second from bottom
  • Multiple Shift (all of the above done with two or more cards)
  • Sidesteal
  • The Pass
  • Secret Reversal
  • Top Change
  • Multiple Top Change
  • Bottom Change
  • Multiple Bottom Change
  • Color Change
  • Lap
  • Gambler's Cop
  • Tenkai Palm
  • False Deals

The most exciting feature of the GUB is that all of these applications are carried out from the same basic move in the same basic position. Therefore, your handling always looks the same. It appears that a card is simply returned to the deck and the deck is squared. There are no changes of grip or any contortions or movements that are drastically different from everything that has come before. In a word, the GUB will give your card handling consistency. And you have the added advantage that you can perform all the above sleights with relative ease once you learn the basic move. In much less time than it would take you to learn the pass, you will be able to perform every function listed above! This is a powerful multipurpose weapon!

Level: Recommended for all skill levels

When I first read the GUB, I thought it would never work for me. I assumed you were a large man, over six feet tall with very big hands. But with my small hands, I knew I could never get away with it. I decided just to give it a try in front of the mirror - wow! I fooled myself! This is truly an innovative breakthrough. If Marlo had thought of it, I'm sure it would have been a chapter of the Revolutionary Card Magic series! - Roberto Dureza, The Philippines

Wow - it is great!!!! I can use this for a ton of effects. Thanks for offering this to the community! It is a wonderful move--love it! - Dr. Spektor

Scott, all your material is very well thought out & practical. The G.U.B. is a great tool to have in your arsenal. It is a very versatile technique. This is a bargain at $15.00. I highly recommend this! - Michael Peterson

The method is straightforward and fiendishly clever. (I have always wanted to use the phrase "fiendishly clever" in a sentence!) The ad copy for this ebook does not exaggerate the move's versatility. Thank you, Scott, for a great description of a very useful move. - Angelo R

I'd recommend the Guinn Utility Backslip (GUB) as not only one of the easiest, but also one of the fairest in appearance (easier than a pass or steal and no shuffling involved) card controls. Insert the card in the front of the deck (you can even show the face of the selection to prove that it is fairly going into the deck), square up, and the card is on the top, bottom, reversed, copped, etc. Just like that. - Paul Menzel

Scott showed me one of his routines utilizing the GUB Top Change and the GUB Reverse. Both were completely invisible. - Allan Ackerman

Scott Guinn ROCKS! His GUB is such a beautiful and versatile move that you will flip when you try it. It is a wonderful weapon that is practical for the working performer and the applications are really limited only by the performer's own imagination. Thank you, Scott, for such a great tool. One of the things that marks an ingenious method is the notion of motivation of action. What I mean is that you have explored and created a versatile handling that looks like, well, it's so good it "looks" like "nothing." The GUB when executed correctly tackles many weaknesses of certain sleights and approaches. In addition, your brilliant move is one of the THE most versatile moves the magician could ask for: clean, motivated, adaptable, and natural. So really Scott, THANK YOU. The GUB has enhanced me as a performer and brought many approaches that heretofore were not within my reach. - Joe Caracciolo (a.k.a Vlad Florescu)

1st edition 2002; 16 pages.
word count: 4411 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text