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The Jack the Ripper Seance
by Paul Voodini


(1 review, 6 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Jack the Ripper Seance by Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents the world famous Jack the Ripper Séance! This detailed manuscript provides the mystery performer with all the information required to stage a frighteningly good evening of murderous séance theatre, exactly as the Great Voodini has been presenting to the paying public in London’s famous Covent Garden theatre land! No pipe dreams here! This manuscript is the result of performing for paying members of the public!

With the express intention of establishing spirit communication with Jack the Ripper and his unfortunate victims, your guests will be taken on a heart-stopping journey through the fog shrouded streets of Victorian spiritualism, mesmerism, séance and even past life regression! And the best thing about this night of séance and paranormal entertainment? There are no gimmicks involved at all! Voodini’s séances are famous for utilising only the power of your guests’ imagination - and this manuscript details exactly how to get your guests so excited that once the lights are turned off they will experience exactly what you want them to experience!

The Jack the Ripper Séance does incorporate some ideas from Voodini’s previous ebook The Paranormal Entertainer, but the vast bulk of this ebook is brilliantly conceived new material with the incorporated material taken to new heights. There is much new material here that will excite and inspire mystery performers looking for new ways to both involve and terrify their audience!

Alongside the full details and script for the evening of séance and paranormal entertainment, the ebook also includes all the background material on Jack the Ripper, his heinous crimes, and his unfortunate victims that you will need to appear a knowledgeable “Ripperologist” and master of the occult arts! This ebook can also be seen as a blue print to which you can add your own routines and develop into your own unique evening of ghoulish entertainment should you so wish.

1st edition 2010; 45 pages.
word count: 23299 which is equivalent to 93 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Mark Piazza (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 03 June, 2010

I must have been one of the first to purchase this and, after printing it out, I devoured it! I couldn't put it down!

Paul, I think it's fantastic!

I plan on using the close-up routine 'FROM HELL' from my very own Shuddershadow Mansion ebook and/or the 'FROM HELL' parlor/stage version in my Memories, Mayhem and Mephistopholes ebook to create interest and upsell the Jack the Ripper seance.

My routines are simple but atmosphere-based and that's what I love about Paul's seance - the ATMOSPHERE he suggests creating.

I have my own Jack the Ripper seance scripted but I probably will abandon it and go with Paul's. Why? Because Paul's is 'cleaner'! (I will be substituting the phase with the glass becasue I need to employ one of my ideas here which would work better for me.)

Overall, this ebook is EXCELLENT! I can't wait to start reading it again!