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The Last Word on Cards
by Rufus Steele


(12 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Last Word on Cards by Rufus Steele

This is certainly not 'the last word on cards'. There never will be a last word on cards. But it is a delightful collection of self-working card effects. Some of the brightest minds contributed: Ed Marlo, Eddie Joseph, Al Leech, Bill Simon, Eddie Fields, Oscar Weigle, Audley Walsh and of course Rufus Steele himself.

You will find the original "Sam and Moe" card story on which Bill Malone's "Sam the Bellhop" is based. I also found a very interesting magic card square routine that I was not aware of.

For anyone who likes clever card tricks which are based on subtleties, math and other clever ruses, this is a must read.

  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Affinity
  • The Halo
  • The Great Rufus Steele
  • Hocus Pocus, Miss Jones
  • Hocus Soapus
  • Time Card
  • Red And Blue (Improved)
  • A Real Prediction
  • Spell Anything
  • Queens
  • Think Of Any Card
  • Wild Deuces
  • Accordion Reverse
  • Surprise Quickie
  • "U-Find-Our-Cards"
  • Autographic Minds
  • Not There
  • An Impossible Transposition
  • The Zodiac Card Miracle
  • Cupid
  • They Tell You Nothing
  • You Tell Them Everything
  • Tell And Spell
  • The Weigle Version
  • Double Duty
  • Back In Place
  • "Dammit"
  • Memorizing The Deck
  • Get Set Stop!
  • Which Is Which?
  • Name And Place
  • Right Hand, Left Hand
  • A Prediction Supreme
  • A Location Supreme
  • The Magic Card Square
  • The Garter Trick
  • Four Four Four
  • Number Seven
  • Easy Does It
  • The Buried Card
  • On The Phone
  • Shuffle Location
  • The Slap Trick
  • Moe And Sam
  • The Descending Cards
  • Simplicity Discovery
  • Call Your Hand
  • Five Card Baffle
  • The Baffle Follow-Up
  • Triple Thought
  • The Do Nothing Miracle
  • A Lecture With A Cold Deck

1st edition 1952; PDF 57 pages.
word count: 24041 which is equivalent to 96 standard pages of text