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50 Tricks You Can Do You Will Do Easy To Do
by Rufus Steele


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

50 Tricks You Can Do You Will Do Easy To Do by Rufus Steele

This ebook is a compilation of three booklets Rufus Steele released:

  • Card Tricks You Will Do
  • Card Tricks You Can Do
  • Card Tricks Easy to Do
It is a collection of card tricks that require no sleight-of-hand, or what is often called self-working card tricks. (Check out the other Rufus Steele ebooks for a lot more self-working tricks.)

You will encounter contributions from people like Bert Allerton, Arthur Buckley, Paul Rosini, Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, Dorny, Harry Blackstone and many more.

  • Introduction
  • Community Do As I Do
  • A "Chic" Trick
  • Colors Will Tell
  • Mix - Cut And Look
  • Location From New Deck
  • Your Number - Your Card
  • This Is Your Card
  • Money On The Line
  • Do It For Me
  • Mathematical Marvel
  • Number Transposition
  • Deluxe Spelling Trick
  • Improved Jack-Jack-Jack
  • An Old Trick In A New Dress
  • While I Turn My Back
  • Triple Divination
  • Cards And Pellets
  • "Reverso"
  • Ducy-Ducy
  • Number Trick
  • The Great Meld Mystery From Pinochle
  • Spectator's Name
  • Mathematical Discovery
  • That Number Down
  • Phenomenal Memory
  • You Could Have Selected That One
  • Allerton's Indicator
  • I Should Judge
  • Passe Shuffle
  • Three Card Location
  • Simplicity Transposition
  • Name Your Cards
  • Figures Don't Lie
  • You Remember This One
  • Spelling Card Trick With Duplicate Queens
  • Simplicity Poker Deal
  • Twenty Card Sequel
  • Riffle Shuffle
  • Two Digits
  • Tapping Trick
  • Bridge And Poker Demonstration
  • Missing Deuce
  • Royal Flush
  • Number Trick
  • Prediction
  • Making It Stick
  • Mental Thought
  • Revelation
  • Ten Card Effect
  • Poker Stack From New Deck
  • In The Middle

1st edition 1946; PDF 51 pages.
word count: 26509 which is equivalent to 106 standard pages of text

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