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The Last Word on Cups and Balls
by Eddie Joseph


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Last Word on Cups and Balls by Eddie Joseph

From the introduction:

Every piece of information - idea - suggestion and routine has been independently created, developed, exploited and tested by the author some time or other. The reader is therefore assured, he is not getting any "second-hand" material in consequence.

The colossal amount of material crammed between these covers, will provide the progressive manipulator with a wealth of valuable assets.

The book has been divided into three parts. The first supplies detailed explanation for nearly forty new moves and passes. The second is kept apart for the creation of novel effects that are out of the hackneyed class. Nearly forty of these will be found. And lastly ten stirring routines make up the third part.

    • The Appealing Force of "Cups and Balls"
    • The Multipalm
    • The Single Palm
    • The Double Palm
    • The Triple Palm
    • The Multipalm Drop
    • The Multipalm Pass
    • The Multipalm Slide
    • One Hand Production of Three Single Balls
    • One-Hand Production of Two Balls Together
    • Producing Three Balls Singly a la Billiard Balls
    • Secret Introductions
    • Secret Introduction of Two Balls Under One Cup Simultaneously
    • Secret Introduction of Single Balls from the Double Palm
    • The "Two-in-One" Introduction
    • Secret Introduction of Three Balls Together Under One Cup
    • The "Tip-Up" Introduction
    • The Torpedo Introduction
    • The "Back-Street" Introduction
    • The Cup Introduction
    • The "Infinite" Introduction
    • The "Stratagem" Introduction
    • The "Top-Hole" Introduction
    • The Jubilee Introduction
    • The Hinge Extraction
    • The Double Extraction
    • The Triple Extraction
    • The "Jam" Vanish
    • The "Grasshopper" Vanish
    • The Slide Vanish
    • The Elevator Pass
    • The Thumb Steal
    • Through Passage
    • The Spidora
    • The Roll
    • The Scoop
    • The Reel
    • The Automatic Cup
    • The Four-Point Cup
    • The Cup that Delivers
    • The "Auto" Producing and Vanishing Cup
    • The Brodie
    • Salt and Pepper
    • Real Ice Cream Cone from Cup
    • Real Ice Cubes from Cups
    • Jelly from Cup
    • The "Robot" Cup
    • The Half Shelf
    • Chinese Lantern from Cup
    • Large Stack of Coins from Cup
    • The Rainbow Streamers
    • The Shower of Cards
    • The Bird Nest
    • Making One Canary into Two
    • Rapid Hatching
    • Another Canary Production
    • The Reptile in the Cup
    • The Match Holder
    • Liquid Production
    • The Water Fountain
    • The Fire Cracker
    • The Three Glasses
    • The Fire Fountain
    • Loading Tall Articles into Cups
    • Firing the Cup
    • Spontaneous Combustion
    • The Repeat Production
    • Masterpiece Glass of Liquid Production
    • The "Phantom" Load
    • The Cotton Mill
    • The Inexhaustible Stream
    • The "Blooming" Roses
    • Brimful of Wine
    • Connecting the Terminals
    • The "Ink-o" Routine
    • The Jumping Frog
    • The Wandering Ball
    • Crystal-i-zation
    • A Chinese Routine
    • Mechanical Routine
    • The Nudist Routine
    • The Hindu Routine
    • The Multipalm Routine

1st edition 1942, 69 pages; 1st digital edition 2016, 80 pages.
word count: 35161 which is equivalent to 140 standard pages of text