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Fred Kaps' Cups and Balls
by Trevor Lewis & Fred Kaps


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Fred Kaps' Cups and Balls by Trevor Lewis & Fred Kaps

As taught by Fred Kaps to Trevor Lewis.

"This Cups and Balls routine has several Vernon touches; but there are alternative strategies which are truly outstanding and characteristic of the master, Fred Kaps." - Trevor Lewis

The warm, bright Mediterranean sunshine and Phillipe Fialho's delightful villa looking down on Nice in the French Riviera was the setting for Fred Kaps to teach Trevor Lewis his Cups and Balls routine and generously tell Trevor he could do what he liked with it. Trevor had a video of Fred performing the routine and had written it up in rough notes.

Twenty years later Anthony Brahams convinced Trevor Lewis to allow him to edit and publish his description. Jim Adams helped with the editing. Now another good 15 years later you can enjoy and study it as a PDF ebook.

The routine does bear similarity to the wonderful routine by Jim Ryan. (see Jim Ryan Close-Up 4, The Famous Cups & Balls Routine.) Johnny Paul performed similar moves but it is said he never seemed to present the same routine twice running, albeit superbly each time.

  • Sequence One: Three balls appear under the three cups.
  • Sequence Two: Three balls gather under the center cup.
  • Sequence Three: Three balls go beneath the right side cup.
  • Sequence Four: Three balls vanish and reappear under the cups.
  • Sequence Five: The balls vanish from the left hand and appear under the center cup.
  • Sequence Six: A ball appears to travel from under the middle cup to either end cup.
  • Sequence Seven: The fake explanation leading to the loading of the four final loads.

1st edition 1995; original 20 pages; PDF 21 pages; photo illustrated.
word count: 4876 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text