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The Leaf by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Magic is mostly performed with man-made products - cards, coins, silks, ropes, ... Why not perform magic with items nature provides? This is even more powerful, because there is inherently no suspicion of gimmicked objects. Ralf has created a stunning miracle that is easy to perform during a stroll in the woods, or during a garden party, or other places where plants are in reach. All you need is access to leaves growing on a tree or a shrub and a pen to sign a leaf.

Effect: You and your spectator collect a couple of leaves. The spectator tears one in half, and signs it. Miraculously the torn part of the leaf with the stem is back on the tree/shrub happily growing from the branch. The spectator can carefully check the tear. It perfectly fits with his signed half. And the leaf stem has in no way be altered or reattached. (No glue, magnets, strings or other gimmicks.)

1st edition 2019, length 20:24.

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