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The Little Book of Ventriloquism
by Terri Rogers

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The Little Book of Ventriloquism by Terri Rogers

Excerpt from the foreword by Val Andrews:

Brought up as I was on Arthur Prince and Saveen, I soon realised that Miss Rogers had discovered secrets of technique quite unknown to even those hallowed 'greats'. To begin with she had brilliant material of the kind which can only be lovingly honed by years of performance. Aside from this she was, and is, the most technically skilled ventriloquist that I have ever encountered. Her lip control, pronunciation and vocal agility are wonderful to experience. The audience that night soon forgot that in fact but one artiste was involved and gave her less credit than they would had they thought more about it. 'Shorty Harris' delivered his lines in the rock hard tones of a long experienced stand up comedian whilst his partner occasionally got a word in, with dulcet, slightly breathless, tones. It was all another example of 'art being in the concealment of art'!

I started my own professional career as a ventriloquist, with a battered ginger wigged dummy who sounded like Sandy Powell. I soon gave it up in favour of being a magician, which was an easier if somewhat overcrowded branch of show business. But had I had the advantage of Terri's wonderful book it might have been different. I believe that many of the secrets herein are published for the very first time, as they are unique to this especially gifted ventriloquist.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Priorities
  • Chapter 2 Labial Discipline (Lip Control)
  • Chapter 3 Pronunciations
  • Chapter 4 The Mirror
  • Chapter 5 Manipulation Of Ventriloquist Figures
  • Chapter 6 Terri Rogers Telling Tales
  • Chapter 8 On The Matter Of Patter
  • Finale

PDF 24 pages.
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