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The Mafia Conspiracy
by John Scarne

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The Mafia Conspiracy by John Scarne
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Some say that John Scarne worked with and for the Mafia, because gambling and the Mafia are often thought as tightly linked. Others will be convinced by Scarne's collection of facts and reasoning in this ebook, that there never was a Mafia. Either way you read this ebook, it is a fascinating recollection of past events around crime, politics and gambling.

You might ask why is this ebook in the gambling section? The reason is twofold. One, Scarne details several interesting gambling facts and stories in this ebook (ex. a gambling glossary), and two it helps to understand the person John Scarne who was during his lifetime the number one gambling expert in the world.

This ebook lists and connects a number of facts which lead Scarne to believe that there never was an organization like the Mafia.

From the back cover of the book:

There is no such animal as the Mafia! The Mafia is a vicious scheme purposely designed by Italian haters and constantly being foisted upon an unsuspecting American public to prevent the Italian-American minority from becoming a political factor thereby depriving them of their civil rights. This venomous anti-Italian Mafia propaganda shamefully blemishes this great nation of ours whose Declaration of Independence and Constitution eloquently speak of the equality of man to his fellow man.

1st edition 1976. PDF 192 pages.
word count: 87157 which is equivalent to 348 standard pages of text