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The Odds Against Me
by John Scarne


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The Odds Against Me by John Scarne
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If he'd had a touch of larceny in him, he could have been the number one card sharp of all time. Instead, the author of these fabulous memoirs, born to a mother who considered gambling the "devil's tool," puts his extraordinary gifts to far different purpose.

He has used his incredible gambling sense, his miraculously dexterous fingers, his brilliant mathematical mind, his fascination with carnival and gambling life, to become America's number one authority on gambling and odds.

He was the greatest practitioner and analyst of card and dice sleight of hand. His artistry impressed FDR as well as underworld overlords. He has been consultant to the top casinos in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas. He was chosen by the U.S. Army in World War II to show GI's how not to be fleeced in crooked games. He was a front-page witness in 1961 before the Senate's investigation of gambling and crime.

In this ebook you will also find an interesting eyewitness account of Castro's takeover of Cuba. John Scarne was there at the time, as consultant for the Casino at the Hilton hotel in Havana.

There is nothing about the international gambling world - its personalities, stories, methods - that he doesn't know. And his own colorful and knowing personality makes his autobiography one of the most fascinating documents.

  • Meeting My First Card Cheats
  • A Postgraduate Course in Marked Cards and Crooked Dice
  • Fire Eaters, Sword Swallowers, and Carnival Gyps
  • Meeting the Racket Bosses of the Roaring Twenties
  • Fooling America's Greatest Magicians
  • My Psychic Experiences with Harry Houdini
  • A Bet with the Secret Service and a Performance for President Roosevelt
  • My $5,000 Challenge to the Magicians of the World
  • Gambling in the Army in World War II and What I Did About It
  • Beating the Black Jack and Baccarat Tables: My $100,000 Challenge
  • Adviser to Conrad Hilton on Gambling at the Caribe Hilton Casino in Puerto Rico
  • Gambling in More Ways Than One in the Cuban Revolution
  • My Gambling Mission to Panama and My Senate Appearance
  • Appendix

1st edition 1966; 551 pages.
word count: 212049 which is equivalent to 848 standard pages of text

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