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The Magnetic Thumb Tip Done Right
by Hal Saxon


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The Magnetic Thumb Tip Done Right by Hal Saxon

This isn't your fathers magnetic thumb tip. Your tipistry reimagined and revolutionized. Tipistry means breathtaking thumb tip handling ability, competence, proficiency, or mastery.

This guide will show you how to dramatically improve your thumb tip ability (Tipistry) with magnets. How can something so simple and so overlooked be so amazing? One person posted on a forum many years ago and said, "Don't get a magnetic tip. You can do anything you can do with a magnetic tip with a PK Ring." (Magnetic ring). Nope. No way. Totally misguided. Absolutely untrue. Poor fellow, bless his heart. He didn't know. I have never seen anyone do a salt vanish or silk vanish with a PK Ring. I never saw someone perform a signed, opened, poured, and restored, sweetener packet with a PK Ring ... Nope.

I fooled a room full of magicians with nice, slow, invisible handling. I now open my thumb tip lectures with this secret weapon, and no one suspects a thumb tip. These thumb-tip lectures can have dozens of magicians watching my every move quite intently so they can catch me in the act. In the end, they say, "Wow, who'd have thought that..."

Now keep in mind, the room was full of magicians attending a thumb tip lecture. They knew it was going to involve a thumb tip. They expected a demonstration of handling a thumb tip or two. They knew about thumb tips. They watched for thumb tips intently, and still missed it. In addition, they weren't 100 feet away, but just 5 to 10 feet away.

Everyone has known about magnetic thumb tips for decades. Or have they? I say, no. The adaptations and projects in this ebook are incredibly magical. Trust me, this isn't just your father's magnetic thumb tip. This guide will disclose a little-known secret in the magic world. Nope, it is not the magnetic thumb tip and a few silly effects or ideas. It is a completely new way of thinking about and using this little gem. You will improve all your thumb tip effects/tricks. Your confidence and handling ability will skyrocket.

You will also discover three DIY projects regarding the magnetic tip as well as the best sources for the correct magnets and what tips to use. You'll learn how to make your own killer mag tip and handle it in ways you have never thought of.

Where have these handling concepts been all my life? I've been using a magnetic tip for 40+ years. Like everyone else, I too have had several underwhelming magnetic thumb tip effects or tricks. Mostly my magnetic thumb tips just got dusty in an old magic box. But this discovery I am disclosing in this guide is a real game-changer. My primary everyday carry tips now include my custom-made tips with magnets. You will discover why I rely on them, how I make them, and how I use them in this guide. This discovery has blown my mind and forever changed how I perform with a thumb tip. It will blow you away too!

1st edition 2017, PDF 39 pages.
word count: 8932 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text