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The Memorized and not so Memorized Decks
by Christopher Bolter


(1 review, 1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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The Memorized and not so Memorized Decks by Christopher Bolter

The Boston Stack: Chris' signature stacked deck and routine that requires almost no memorization and is diabolically simple.

The Duchess: this memorized deck is so easy to remember you'll want to perform it every chance you get! Plus, it's fun.

The Seesaw Collection: one final option in Chris' memorized deck booklet. This stack, also requires almost no memorization and uses a back and forth procedure that you can't get wrong!

[Please note that these stacks are not full deck stacks. You are stacking about half the deck. Technically they are algorithmic stacks. This means you will have to do some simple math to derive the next card.]

1st edition 2013, 21 pages
word count: 5851 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Tor Ravengael (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 05 June, 2013

In my view, these stacks are most useful for memorized deck routines in which the magician/mentalist is able to read off an apparently random stack of cards in sequence. In my opinion, it would be useful to know that they are not something one would want to use as a stack in which, for example, a card is chosen from the middle of the stack and the magician/mentalist would then be able to name it, as a result of the properties inherent in the stack. I think that may prove to be difficult. Also, although little actual strict "memorization" is involved, one does need to keep track of patterns/and or math, which may or may not be easy depending performers skill at doing that sort of thing under performing conditions. In my opinion, although these stacks are very useful for their particular purpose, the price is a bit steep - considering one can find less expensive, equally deceptive, and easy to use stacks that have a wider range of applications. Interesting and useful, by in my view, just not $28.00 worth of interesting and useful.