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THE MINOTAUR Final Issue DVD Disc 1
by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan

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THE MINOTAUR Final Issue DVD Disc 1 by Marvin Leventhal & Dan Harlan

This is the final issue of THE MINOTAUR, the fourth issue of volume 8. It is one of the best magic DVDs I have seen and I am not alone in this opinion:

"The material is so much fun and so workable, not to mention the hysterical 'theme' of the DVD. I seriously think this is one of the best dvds of the year." - Cameron Francis

This DVD is not only filled with great effects, it also has a funny story line worth watching. The effects included are:

  • Fairest of Them All: A pick a card effect where two cards are shown to indicate a chosen card by suit and value. Regardless of how “fair” the magician makes it for the spectator to choose, he still knows the final outcome.
  • Hebe, Hera, Hecate: This is an interesting re-packaging of Twisting the Aces by applying a bizarre theme, and introducing Greek mythology.
  • Sprites: Dan's fun presentation using D'Lites.
  • Adjuctive: A Max Maven effect in which the magician uses business cards with adjectives, and other random names, or words written on them, selected at almost random to spell out a sentence proclaiming the greatness of the magicians skills.
  • Aqui: A key vanish, and reproduction using a Glorpie.
  • Cup Side Down: A cute, impromptu effect where you place a mug of (root)beer into a paper sack, and then rotate the sack 360 degrees without spilling out the contents.
  • Glass Backwards: A duel card prediction where the magician accurately predicts two selected cards by matching them to their mates in the deck of the same color, and value, but opposite suits.
  • Big Easy Linking: A Linking Ring routine done with Mardi Gras Beads.
  • Royal Plushy: A Poker Deal using a stuffed animal as the expert gambler. Dan breaks down a matrix showing the stack and possible outcomes.
  • Folderol and Dagger: A very interesting take on the classic card stab without using a knife at all.
  • Counting on You: A repeating card count with a surprise ending.
  • Mexicali Aces: A four ace routine that could utilize a strange off color card as a lead into another effect that would require such a card.
  • On Your Mark: A sucker gag using a missed card that ends with a comical reveal.
  • Sign and Wave Pen: A very nice variation of the classic Brain Wave deck.
  • Prism Pen: A cute gimmick that chances a pen’s color up to four times that you can make at home.
  • Lock Masters: A four number combination lock that opens after the combination is discovered by the participants. The presentation for this is given as a mentalism piece but has certainly other uses, too.
  • Money Laundering: Dan’s presentation using a classic magicians prop: The Money Making Printing Press.
  • Beer Money: A dollar bill (or bill of any denomination) transforms into a beer label, only to be produced from a bottle missing a label. No gimmicks, all sleight of hand.
  • Bright and Early: Multiple productions of “ingredients” that make up “Orange flavored breakfast drink” from the same juice carton.
  • Vegas Baby: Another Max Maven idea with audience participation, and six gift bags, leaving the magician walking away with the big prize at the end for themselves.
  • Popcorn Trick: A production of popcorn seeds, then popped corn from the same paper sack. This is great for parlor, or stage.
  • Allied Alliance: Four coins transfer from one side of the close-up mat to the other as if by magic. The effect is by David Neighbors.
  • All You Need is Love: A four card twisting effect with color changes, appearing marks and a surprise message.
  • Marv’s ultimate toothpick trick: A comedy bit with a box of toothpicks.

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