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The Mint
by Alan Rorrison


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Mint by Alan Rorrison

This is a really clever visual effect. I love it.

Present a 'mint sheet' (a piece of aluminum foil). Borrow a coin and press the coin into the mint sheet. The impression looks just like the coin. But of course it is just an impression not a real coin - or is it? Hand the coin with which you created the impression back to the spectator. You only have the aluminum foil with the coin impression. With your thumb you squeeze and pull the impression of the mint sheet and create a new coin. The impression has transformed into a real coin. You do the same with the other side of the coin to 'mint' a new coin that you can hand out for inspection.

A lovely effect, wonderfully visual and for anyone familiar with basic coin technique very simple to do.

runtime: 9min 36s

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