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The New Conjuror's Museum and Magical Magazine
by unknown

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The New Conjuror's Museum and Magical Magazine by unknown

For magicians most interesting is a section with arithmetic tricks and another with legerdemain featuring effects such as letting a pen-knife jump out of a goblet, some card tricks, coin tricks, and chemical tricks.

  • Of Astrological Influence
  • Lives Of The Most Eminent Magicians, Astrologers, Conjurers, &c.
  • On The Interpretation Of Dreams
  • Apparitions, Witchcraft, &c.
  • Philolosphical And Ingenious Amusements
    • A person having fixed on a number in his mind, to tell him what number it is
    • Another method of discovering a number thought on
    • A quantity of eggs being broken, to find how many there were, without remembering the number
    • A curious experiment to prove that two and two do not make four
    • To make a pen, which holds one hundred sheep, hold double the number, by only adding two hurdles more
    • To make a mutual exchange of the liquor in two bottles, without using any other vessel
    • Thirty soldiers having deserted, so to place them in a ring, that you may save any fifteen you please, and it shall seem the effect of chance
    • Three persons having each chosen privately one out of three things, to tell them which they have chosen
    • A person having an even number of counters in one hand, and an odd number in the other, to tell in which hand the odd or even number is
    • To tell, by the dial of a watch, at what hour any person intends to rise
    • The Magical Century
    • A person privately fixing on any number, to tell him that number
    • To tell the number a person has fixed on, without asking him any questions
    • Any number being named, by adding a figure to that number to make it divisible by nine
    • A person making choice of several numbers, another shall name him the number by which the sum of those numbers is divisible
    • To find the difference between two numbers, the greatest of which is unknown
    • A person choosing any two out of several given numbers; and, after adding them together, striking out one of the figures from the amount, to tell you what that figure was
    • Three dice being thrown on a table, to tell the number of each of them, and the order in which they stand
  • Art Of Legerdemain
    • To make one pen-knife out of three jump out of a goblet, agreeably to the option of the company
    • The art of fortune-telling by cards
    • To make sport and cause mirth with quicksilver from Breslaw
    • Another trick with quicksilver from the same
    • To discover the number of points on 3 cards, placed under 3 different parcels of cards
    • Several letters that contain no meaning, being wrote upon cards, to make them, after they have been twice shuffled, give an answer to a question that shall be proposed; as for example, What is Love?
    • To discover any card in the pack by its weight or smell
    • A trick on the cards, called the two convertible aces
    • A curious trick upon the cards, called the ten duplicates
    • A curious method of restoring a fly to life, in two minutes, that has been drowned twenty-four hours
    • A ring put into a pistol, which is afterwards found in the bill of a dove in a box, which had been before examined and sealed
    • To pull off any person’s shirt without undressing him, or having occasion for a confederate
    • The wonderful Well
    • To make a sixpence seem to fall through a table
    • How to put a card in and out of an egg

Note that some articles stop mid-sentence with a [To be continued], but no continuation is present anywhere else in this compilation. Also, some pages are missing which renders some articles incomplete, too.

1st edition 1806, PDF 46 pages.
word count: 23331 which is equivalent to 93 standard pages of text