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The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism: Fraudulent and Genuine
by Hereward Carrington


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The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism: Fraudulent and Genuine by Hereward Carrington

Being a brief account of the most important historical phenomena; a criticism of their evidential value, and a complete exposition of the methods employed in fraudulently reproducing the same.

From the preface:

One or two words of a prefatory nature are necessitated by the publication of a book such as this. Many persons will doubtless consider it an unnecessary attack upon spiritualism and the spiritistic creed, but I beg to assure my readers that such is by no means the case. It is because I believe that such phenomena do occasionally occur, that I am anxious to expose the fraud connected with the subject, - since it is only by so doing that we can ever hope to reach the genuine phenomena which are to be studied. "Caution" is the most important factor in the investigation of all psychic and spiritualistic phenomena, and a knowledge of the fraudulent methods employed by mediums is of prime importance to the investigator of these problems.

  • Preface
  • Glossary
  • Part I The Fraudulent
    • Chapter I The Physical Phenomena Op Spiritualism
    • Chapter II The Slade-Zöllner Investigation
    • Chapter III The Psychology Of Deception
    • Chapter IV Table-Turning And Table - Lifting
    • Chapter V Raps
    • Chapter VI Slate - Writing Tests
    • Chapter VII Rope - Tying Test
    • Chapter VIII Spirit Posts, Sacks, Handcuffs, Etc.
    • Chapter IX "Holding Tests"
    • Chapter X Miscellaneous Physical Tests
    • Chapter XI Spirit - Photography
    • Chapter XII The Paraffine Mould Test
    • Chapter XIII Materialization
    • Chapter XIV Materialization (Continued)
    • Chapter XV Sealed - Letter Reading
    • Chapter XVI Mind - Reading Performances
    • Chapter XVII Trance, "Test Séances," Etc.
  • Part II The Genuine
    • Chapter XVIII General Considerations
    • Chapter XIX Raps
    • Chapter XX Telekinesis
    • Chapter XXI The Mediumship Of D. D. Home
    • Chapter XXII Trance - The Case Of Mrs. Piper
    • Chapter XXIII Summary And Conclusion

1st edition 1907, 426 pages; PDF 269 pages.
word count: 152409 which is equivalent to 609 standard pages of text

Reviewed by bob tong (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 09 March, 2022

Simple straightforward and no ambiguity involved in the understanding of Spiritualism and historical backgrounds supported by genuine incidents that occurred pertaining to the area of discussion and information sharing. It is quite astounding that there are still charlatans that desire to disillusion those who may have some level of belief in spiritual matters. It is very objective though at times, subjective to the extent of the spiritual matters concerned. This does open the corridors to differentiate between fraudulent and genuine incidents and issues on spiritualism. Hence, I would give a 5-stars rating for the excellent work done to understand Spiritualism though it does depend on the individual concerned to be able to discern between reality and fantasy.