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The Princess Codebook
by Scott Xavier

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The Princess Codebook by Scott Xavier

In The Princess Codebook mentalist Scott Xavier takes you through a proven modern two-person code. Imagine being in a meeting and having your client pick up any 3 personal items and write down a personal question and seal it inside of an envelope... You simply grab your cell phone and call your psychic accomplice. One by one the psychic reveals each item, exactly.

Now the hard part. Even though the question has not been seen by you nor the psychic, and it is sealed inside of an envelope, the psychic begins revealing precise details about the question.

This done for corporate clients, restaurant owners, college activities directors, or even agents will ensure that you get hired over the competition.

  • Code is easy to learn
  • Can be learned in under an hour
  • Updated for a modern audience
  • Book overviews past methods - a history lesson
  • Full routines
  • Find secret places to buy the latest electronic transmitters at a 1/3 the cost
  • Serial number, ESP Cards, Psychometry, Q & A, Numbers, and beyond explored...
  • Specially designed for ease of memory
  • Natural updated language for the 21st century
The simplest code you'll ever want to learn. This code has been in the arsenal of Scott Xavier for many years. Experience the secret weapon that Scott uses to get more work.

1st edition 2008; 25 pages.
word count: 3238 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text