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The Prolix Spirit Writes
by Wilbur Kattner

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The Prolix Spirit Writes by Wilbur Kattner

Audiences and critics alike love this mysterious psychic entertainment stunt. A reputation-maker. Like all good mentalism, it has a simple premise. A female spectator secretly writes a question about her future. Another spectator examines a blank piece of paper, then initials and holds it for safekeeping. The lady now reads her written question aloud and the performer (that's you) calls upon the spirits to reply. The blank, initialed paper is opened by the spectator holding it, who discovers that it's no longer blank. He reads the lengthy reply the spirits have written in answer to the lady spectator's exact question.

No forcing, confederates, special ink formulas or electronics. The reply is both lengthy and legible -- and it actually answers the question asked. Ready to present at a moment's notice. Suitable for large or small audiences. Supplied with two routines and a number of variations to enable each performer to suit the effect to their style and type of presentation.

Are you a Nelson collector? The original manuscript was listed as No. 151 in Nelson Enterprises Catalog No. 21. Now you can add this must-have book to your collection.

"Involves an entirely new and practical principle. Highly recommended." - Robert A. Nelson

"Very, very good! A sensation in the hands of a showman!" - Eddie Clever

"It is direct and meets rigid requirements. Outstanding." - Orville Meyer

"Annemannesque. Anyone who likes good mental effects will go for this one. All the hard work has been done by Wilbur. All that remains for you to do is add presentation and showmanship ... and you'll have a miracle on your hands." - Bruce Elliott

1st edition 1945, PDF 26 pages.
word count: 6552 which is equivalent to 26 standard pages of text