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The Pull Book
by Patrick Page


(12 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Pull Book by Patrick Page

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Pulls, reels, and threads are some of the most usefull gimmicks to a magician. Just think about the popular ITR (Invisible Thread Reel). But you might say: "I only do cards, I don't need to know these stage methods." Think again. For example, Patrick Page illustrates in what he terms the 'pendulum principle', a method how you can with a simple piece of thread clean up a lapped card such that you can get up from the table clean. So even for the pure pasteboard afficinado, there is something to be found that will take your effect to another level. And I love when Page starts with 'a little bit of history' and then goes into three pages of fascinating history.

In this ebook Patrick Page explains a number of magician's pulls, both old and new, and the correct way to use them. Pulls are simple devices designed to vanish objects or imbue them with supernatural movement but few magicians know how to use them correctly. Patrick Page has used many different pulls throughout his career and he passes on his invaluable experience.

You will learn how to use the Cigarette Pull correctly and use it so that you can continually vanish cigarettes, one after the other. Executed properly this is still one of the most magical of effects; and effect that you are always ready to perform.

Pat also discusses Oswald Williams' Repeat Vanishing Handkerchief, and effect which baffled everyone when first shown. Few know the correct handling which is described in this ebook.

Also included is Amadeo's Vanishing Coin, The Invisible Pull, Patrick Page's Penetrating Lighter, The USe of Thread as a Pull, The Universal Pull, Al Baker's Idea, Mechanical Pulls and much more.

Patrick Page has gathered together a superb collection of practical effects using one of magic's oldest gimmicks. And informative and amusing book full of good magic and enlightening anecdotes.

1st edition 1987; original 54 pages; PDF 52 pages.
word count: 14139 which is equivalent to 56 standard pages of text