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The Big Book of Magic
by Patrick Page


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The Big Book of Magic by Patrick Page

From the back cover:

How often have you watched a conjurer perform what looks like a miracle and asked yourself, "How on earth is that done?" Well, now the long-kept secrets of the expert stage magician's art are revealed in this astounding book. Written by a Gold Medal member of the Inner Magic Circle, it explains in minute detail exactly how all those classic feats are done - such as levitation, rope tricks, sawing the lady in half, disappearing cabinets, escapology and many more. By following the step-by-step instructions in this book, you too can join the ranks of those who know conjuring's secrets, and learn to perform the tricks which have baffled audiences throughout the ages!

This is a wonderful magic book from Patrick Page an accomplished master magician and illustrated beautifully by Eric Mason. In fact the book is so good that Patrick Page was expelled from the IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) because some felt that too many secrets were exposed. He was later reinstated once people realized that writing good magic books is really in the interest of all.

1st edition 1976, original 304 pages; PDF 243 pages.

Table of Contents


  2. CHAPTER ONE A Short History of Conjuring

  3. CHAPTER TWO Standard Accessories
  4. The Wand
  5. The Vanishing Wand
  6. The Handkerchief Wand
  7. The Rising Wand
  8. The Breakaway Wand
  9. The Balancing Wand
  10. The Table
  11. The Black Art Table
  12. A Tricky Top Hat

  13. CHAPTER THREE Manipulation versus Apparatus
  14. Illusionist Managers
  15. The Present Day

  16. CHAPTER FOUR Coin and Ring Manipulation
  17. The Miser's Dream
  18. The Classic Palm
  19. The Finger Palm
  20. The Front Palm
  21. The Back Palm
  22. The Thumb Palm
  23. The Back Clip
  24. The Nelson Downs Palm
  25. The Back and Front Palm
  26. The Presentation of the Miser's Dream
  27. The Chinese Rings

  28. CHAPTER FIVE Card Manipulation
  29. Preparing the Cards
  30. Back and Front Palm
  31. Before an Audience
  32. Keeping a Straight Arm
  33. The Standard Method
  34. The Cardini Method
  35. Producing Fans
  36. The Split Fan Production
  37. Deceiving the Audience
  38. Reloading Cards into the Back Palm Position
  39. The Body Steal
  40. The Jacket Clip
  41. Vanish from the Left Hand
  42. The Tenkai Palm
  43. Screens and Music
  44. The Unexpected
  45. Discard Container
  46. The Stacked Deck
  47. The Reversed Card
  48. Stabatwin
  49. Calling the Cards
  50. The Six Card Repeat
  51. Three Cards Across
  52. The Cards to Pocket
  53. The Stripper Deck
  54. Four Ace Trick
  55. The Reds and Blacks
  56. The Svengali Deck
  57. The Fourteen Fifteen Deck
  58. Spectacular Card Effects
  59. The Card Sword
  60. The Card in Balloon
  61. The Card Star
  62. The Card Stab
  63. The Jumbo Four Ace Trick

  64. CHAPTER SIX Ball Manipulation
  65. The Multiplying Billiard Balls
  66. One to Four Multiplication
  67. One to Eight Multiplication
  68. The Sponge Ball Effect
  69. The Pinch Vanish
  70. The Pull out Vanish
  71. The Perfect Sponge Ball Vanish
  72. The Addition
  73. Sponge Ball Routine No. 2
  74. The Cups and Balls

  75. CHAPTER SEVEN Rope Tricks
  76. The Appearing Knot
  77. The Fake Appearing Knot
  78. The Impossible Appearing Knot
  79. The Blondini Ball
  80. The String and the Straw
  81. Spirit Knots
  82. The Enchanted Bottle
  83. The Cut and Restored Rope Effect

  84. CHAPTER EIGHT Thimble Manipulation

  85. CHAPTER NINE Tricks with Liquids
  86. The Vanishing Bowl of Water
  87. The Evaporating Liquid
  88. The Glass of Wine Production

  89. CHAPTER TEN Pocket Tricks
  90. The Paddle Move
  91. Spot the Spots
  92. The Salt on the Knife
  93. The Chinese Compass
  94. The Thumb Tip
  95. The Vanishing Cigarette
  96. The Vanishing Match
  97. The Handkerchief Penetration
  98. The Burnt Handkerchief
  99. The Ring on Stick
  100. The Flying Ring
  101. The Three Shell Game

  102. CHAPTER ELEVEN Tricks with Paper
  103. The Paper Tree
  104. The Paper Ladder
  105. The Scotsman's Kilt
  106. The Plaid
  107. Clippit
  108. The Torn and Restored Newspaper
  109. The Ten Second Paper Tear
  110. The Burnt and Restored Strip

  111. CHAPTER TWELVE Livestock and Platform Effects
  112. The Vanishing Bunny
  113. A Rabbit from a Hat
  114. The Dog Kennel
  115. The Dove Pan
  116. The Rabbit Cage
  117. Dove from Streamer
  118. The Vanishing Cage of Doves
  119. Dove from Silk
  120. The Rings on Rod Illusion
  121. The Colour Changing Fan
  122. The Passe Bottle and Glass
  123. The Vanishing Birdcage
  124. The Drawer Box
  125. The Organ Pipes
  126. The Square Circle Production Box
  127. Flower Productions
  128. The Oriental Shawl
  129. The Bare Hand Flower Production
  130. The Ghost Tube
  131. The Aquarius Tube
  132. The Nest of Boxes
  133. The Inexhaustible Box
  134. The Sliding Die Box
  135. The Twentieth Century Silk Trick
  136. The Handkerchief Pull
  137. The Lamp Chimney Vanish
  138. The Japanese Production Box
  139. The Changing Bag
  140. The Vanishing Walking Stick
  141. The Appearing Walking Stick
  142. The Stick to Parasol

  143. CHAPTER THIRTEEN Magic Spectaculars
  144. Sawing a Woman in Half
  145. The Levitation
  146. The Sword Cabinet
  147. The Substitution Trunk
  148. The Three Swords Suspension
  149. The Cremation Illusion
  150. The Doll's House Illusion
  151. The Vanishing Motor Car
  152. The Indian Basket Illusion
  153. The Step Ladder Illusion
  154. The Guillotine Illusion
  155. The Crinoline Illusion
  156. The Chair Suspension
  157. The Sack Escape
  158. The Straitjacket Escape
  159. The Jacoby Tie
  160. Behind the Back Wrist Tie
  161. The Thumb Tie
  162. The Double Rope Tie
  163. The Chain Gang Escape
  164. The Handkerchief Tie

word count: 91918 which is equivalent to 367 standard pages of text


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