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The Punch Letters
by Ray Grismer

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The Punch Letters by Ray Grismer

Instructions, routines, tips, and ideas for a card punch.

This is a series of letters to a fictitious E.N. Igami ('imagine' when read reversed) with information on how to use a card punch and what can be done with it, particularly from a conjurer's perspective. It is one of the few resources available on card punches. It also reproduces a few passages from older books that cover punch work.

Several gambling demonstrations are detailed, including a Dai Vernon Bridge Deal as well as poker and blackjack routines. Other routines have more of a mental slant. Ray Grismer also explains his system for placement of the marks, which is very practical.

This manuscript was originally sold in combination with a card punch. This ebook is only the instructions. For card punches you may want to consider Blistr or Card Punch.

1st edition ~1970s, 2nd edition 1988, PDF 22 pages.
word count: 7137 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text