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The Reference Guide to Early Works on Card Cheating

by T. Hayes
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The Reference Guide to Early Works on Card Cheating by T. Hayes

This ebook presents an analytical review of works on card cheating that are written in English and published before 1900. Given this scope, The Reference Guide to Early Works on Card Cheating takes 151 publications, and documents the card cheating techniques that they describe. Only card techniques discussed in the context of cheating at card games are considered. The 146 defined techniques are used to evaluate the publications based on their breadth and their contribution to the literature. The breadth is indicated by the absolute number of techniques each work describes, and the contribution is measured by the number of techniques that appear for the first time in the pre-1900 English literature. The intention is for this ebook to provide a reference text to those interested in the history of card cheating.

[Note: You will also get a separate PDF with an overview chart. Download it from your digital shelf.]

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Reader's Guide
  • 3. Card Cheating Techniques
    • 3.1 Collusion
    • 3.2 False Deals
    • 3.3 Extra Cards
    • 3.4 Fewer Cards
    • 3.5 Marked Cards
    • 3.6 Modified Cards
    • 3.7 Card Switching
    • 3.8 Peeking
    • 3.9 Stacking
    • 3.10 False Shuffles
    • 3.11 Location Plays
    • 3.12 Overcoming the Cut
    • 3.13 Capping
    • 3.14 Furniture
  • 4. Publications Lists
    • 4.1 Pre-1900 English Works on Card Cheating
    • 4.2 All Reviewed Publications
    • 4.3 Unreviewed Publications
  • 5. Analysis
    • 5.1 Descriptions
    • 5.2 New Descriptions
  • 6. Conclusion
  • Appendix A: Techniques List
  • Appendix B: Publication Breakdown
1st edition 2021, PDF 167 pages.
word count: 17885 which is equivalent to 71 standard pages of text
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