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The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table

by T. Hayes

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The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table by T. Hayes

This ebook takes an academic look at the second deal and its use at the card table, specifically in the game of Texas Hold’em poker. This is achieved by first examining the mathematical rules of the second deal. These rules are then applied to the basic structure of Texas Hold’em and the use of the move is advanced by also considering poker strategy. In addition to this, the probabilities of dealing target cards, when using a binary marking system, are derived. The use of the second deal in conjunction with stacking techniques is also considered, with a focus on the block transfer. Whilst this work is highly theoretical and targeted at those with an academic interest in the subject, there are many aspects that may be found useful by card handlers as well as those that perform gambling expose style material.

  • Part 1: Background
    • 1.1 Methods and Techniques
    • 1.2 History
    • 1.3 Common Usage
  • Part 2: Rules of the Second Deal
    • 2.1 Nomenclature
    • 2.2 The Single Card Rule
    • 2.3 The Second Card Rule
    • 2.4 The Multiple Card Rule
  • Part 3: Applying the Rules of the Second Deal to Texas Hold'em
    • 3.1 Scenario Description
    • 3.2 Cold Dealing
    • 3.3 Cold Redeal
    • 3.4 Semi-Stacking
    • 3.5 Combining Techniques
  • Part 4: In Game Usage and Advanced Poker Strategy
    • 4.1 Dealing Known Hole Cards to Win the Hand
    • 4.2 Dealing Known Hole Cards for Information
    • 4.3 Correcting or Obscuring the Stack
    • 4.4 Cheating the Cheaters
    • 4.5 Top Card Cover Moves
  • Part 5: Second Deal Probabilities
    • 5.1 Probabilities
    • 5.2 Combining the Punch with Stacking
    • 5.3 A Note on Blackjack
    • 5.4 Summary
  • Part 6: Advanced Semi-Stacking
    • 6.1 Riffle Stacking
    • 6.2 The Block Transfer
    • 6.3 Stacking Notation
    • 6.4 Basic Block Transfer Analysis
    • 6.5 Further Block Transfer Analysis
    • 6.6 Advanced Semi-Stacking
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A: Cold Dealing Flow Chart
  • Appendix B: Further Semi-Stacking Range Examples
    • B.1 Six-Handed Games
    • B.2 Four-Handed Games
    • B.3 Two-Handed Games
  • Appendix C: Further Probabilities
    • C.1 Eight Target Cards
    • C.2 Twenty Target Cards
  • Appendix D: Rough and Smooth
  • References

1st edition 2016, 85 pages.
word count: 23189 which is equivalent to 92 standard pages of text

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