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The RiSiSi Deck: a synergy of synergies
by Rick Silberman & Wesley James

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The RiSiSi Deck: a synergy of synergies by Rick Silberman & Wesley James

The combination of special cards and sleight-of-hand is far more powerful than either alone. When the two are combined with inside knowledge, the resulting magic can be astounding in ways that enable you to leave audiences speechless and dumbfounded. The combination is synergistic: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

When the minds of Rick Silberman and Wesley James combine with William Coffrin, Jean Hugard, and Fred Braue, you have a level of knowledge and experience rarely equaled in magic's long history. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

When special cards, sleight-of-hand, inside knowledge, and a collection of great minds combine, it creates a synergy of synergies, and together they yielded The RiSiSi Deck: a whole that multiplies the sum of its parts. The resulting ideas and their embodiment have all been written with the characteristic attention to detail of Wesley James.

Imagine a deck of special cards that can be handled by your spectators, riffle shuffled and cut and yet, in just moments, allow you to locate any card in the deck without looking at the faces. Using a RiSiSi Deck and methods explained in more than 180 pages - and some sleight-of-hand - that's what you'll be able to do. Have no fear, however, until you've developed the skill necessary to allow that, you'll be able to perform miracles as easily as shuffling the cards yourself.

You want to be more impressed? Learn "Boxed AACAN." While shuffling a deck, a group of spectators secretly decide on any card and any number. The spectator-mixed and reassembled deck is placed in its box. Then, after the card and number are revealed, a spectator removes the boxed deck and deals to the audience-chosen number to find the audience-chosen card. Yes, all the cards are different and can be dealt face up in counting. You don't ever need to touch the deck after it's boxed.

You want more? How about each of four spectators removing and pocketing cards from a shuffled deck while it's behind your back, only to find that all four have taken cards of the same value. Some of the material in this information-packed ebook is as close to self-working as top-class magic can be, but you'll also find more than 30 sleights and more than 50 effects, squeezed into its pages.

If you don't find at least a half-dozen effects to immediately put into your Close-up, Stand-up and Stage performance repertoire, you didn't read the book. You'll also find effects, routines, and bits of handling you'll incorporate into your existing repertoire.

1st edition 2017, 183 pages.
word count: 75530 which is equivalent to 302 standard pages of text

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