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The Sandwich Peek
by Scott Creasey

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The Sandwich Peek by Scott Creasey

Here's what your audience sees: You take a stack of business cards and show them on both sides then hand one to a volunteer to draw a picture, write a word, print a number, or even write a question, there are no restrictions. The stack is turned blank side up and their card dropped drawing side down on top. It is then fairly cut to the center where it remains reversed in the middle at all times.

Even under these conditions you can get a full card peek, reveal the information and yet still show their card reversed in the center whenever you wish.

Finally, you run through the stack and openly remove their card from the middle, they actually see you remove it from the middle and hand it back to them. The reset is instant so perfect for table hopping which is what this peek was originally devised for.

The moves are simple, the gimmick is easy to make and every stage is justified. It can be worked on the table or in the hands for strolling close-up work. You can use it with business cards, tarot cards, and playing cards, in fact just about any sort of card you wish and a number of examples and variations are included.

In this video, you will learn the full peek and the psychology behind every move.

Here's what a few of those who have seen it have to say.

"This is cleverly constructed, elegantly routined, highly deceptive, and eminently practical, with the wonderful attention to detail for which Scott is known. Definitely recommended. You are unlikely to be disappointed." - Doug Dyment

"Well, Scott never stops working. Another brilliant worker idea from the man that continually creates miracles with all the basic props we have...if you can call a marker pen and a stack of business cards Props." - Greg Arce

"Very nice handling. So deceptive and smooth. This is a fantastic full billet peek that is oh so deceptive. If you like full billet peeks that are easy to execute and look entirely natural, I think you will love The Sandwich Peek." - Bill O'Connell

"Just watched Scott Creasey's new Sandwich Peek download. Very clever and very useable peek. Great work, will be making it up later (won't take 5 mins). Great thinking from the brilliant Mr Scott Creasey." - Thom Chesser

"Yes this is pretty sneaky stuff, very clever, love it!" - Renzo Baroni

1st edition 2021, video 49 min.

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 17 November, 2021

There are a bunch of excellent business card peeks out there. I particularly like Phill Smith's The Biz, which uses only a simple sleight, and Looch's Hollow, Paul Carnazzo's PaC Stack, and Marc Oberon's Insider, which are all variations on a theme with increasingly elaborate gaffes. Leave it to the creative mind of Scott Creasey to come up with a method using an ancient, underused gaffe, one that you can make in about a minute flat with no tools. I watched Scott's performance on the video, and it fooled the heck out of me. I had absolutely no idea how he got the peek. Unlike the heavily gaffed business card decks, you can pretty freely show the deck, both front and back, at the beginning of the routine. "Diabolical" is an overused word used to describe sneaky methods to steal a peek. But this method earns that adjective. Even if you already use one of the fancier peek decks, you should take a look at The Sandwich Peek. It's cheap, slick, and deceptive. And it resets almost instantly. Highly recommended.

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