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The Second 16th Card Book: Volume 2

by Paul Gordon
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The Second 16th Card Book: Volume 2 by Paul Gordon
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More routines based on the 16th Card Principle.

  • Understanding the 16th Card Principle
  • The 16th Card Utility (Gordon)
  • Impossible 16th Card Location (Gordon)
  • Craving For Craven (Craven)
  • The Very Best Poker Hand (Gordon)
  • My Darned Nemesis (Gordon)
  • Moracle Finesse (McBride)
  • Startling Aces (Gordon)
  • Okay, TC! (Gordon)
  • Idea To Preset Two Equal Piles (Hucko)
  • Oracle, Moracle, Miracle (Gordon)
  • 16th Card Force (Gordon)
  • The Third Card (Gordon)
  • 24 to 27 (Gordon)
  • Craving For Craven # 2 (Craven)
  • Placement For Lucky Number Aces (Hucko)
  • Staggering! (Rindfleisch)
  • Top And Bottom and The Quine Keeper (Craven)
  • PG on TC (Gordon)
  • PG on TC # 2 (Gordon)
  • 8-16 (Gordon)
  • Lucky Seven (McBride)
  • The Ace of Spades Trick, Plus! (Hucko)
  • My Own Peculiar Way (Matney)
  • Another Peculiar Way (Matney)
  • 16th Card Tinkerings (Gordon)
  • Quite Staggered (Rindfleisch)
  • More Hemeroids (Gordon)
  • More Hemeroids # 2 (Gordon)
  • An Oracled Royal Flush (Gordon)
  • On The Faro and Klondike (Gordon)
  • Setting The 16th Card (Gordon)
  • Courtship Display (Kane)
  • The Choice Is Yours (Craven)
  • The Choice Is Yours 2 (Craven)
  • The 16th State and City (Rindfleisch)
  • Cyclic Creativity (Gordon)
  • Poker Perfect (Gordon)
  • The Myriad Concept (Gordon)
  • The Sympathetic 16th (Rindfleisch)
  • The Computerised Deck (Rindfleisch)

    Paul Gordon 'Bonus' Section (non-16th card magic)

  • A Kick For Dr. Daley
  • A Lesson In Acting
  • A Nice Four-Ace Trick
  • Aces For Connor Sewers
  • Illogical and Discrepant "Endfield" Vanish
  • Costa Aces
  • The Session Stunner
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Mind-Reading Bluffer
  • Kings, Aces, Flushes!
  • Phone A Friend
  • More On The Gordon Diary Trick
  • Phil's No Fake
  • S**t Hot and Bu**er it!

1st edition 2007, 138 pages.
word count: 32074 which is equivalent to 128 standard pages of text

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