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The Unplanned Card Book

by Paul Gordon

(3 reviews, 3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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The Unplanned Card Book by Paul Gordon
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An ebook of 56 late extra, new (and previously unpublished), unusual, unplanned but darned-good card tricks!

Paul Gordon doesn't (often) use fakes, extra cards, big set-ups and/or angley moves. And, he doesn't use second deals, bottom deals ...

  • A Veritable Jaw-Dropper
  • Four-Ace Puzzler
  • Merely Thought-of Card Miracle
  • Partial Faro Sandwich
  • The Exploration
  • The World's Most Incredible Card Trick
  • Three Some
  • Memory, Estimation & Magic
  • Double - Quadruple Revelation
  • All The Fours
  • Ten To Royal Flush
  • For The Boys # 2
  • The Five 'n' Aces
  • Betwixt and Between
  • Sher-locked Holmes
  • He's Behind You
  • "Seven Plus" A Whole Lot More
  • More Maths & Magic
  • Insert Straight And Square Flush
  • The World's Best Ever Card Trick # 2
  • Penelope's Distant Cousin
  • Aces For Aussies
  • Diminishing Twister
  • The Clock Runs Down Again
  • My Magic Card
  • Hot Flush
  • Dodgy Sandwich
  • It Was A Very Good Year
  • Red-Nose Day
  • The China Syndrome
  • The Three-Pile Enquiry
  • The Dudeney Principle, Plus!
  • Dudeney's Baby Boy
  • Tipsy Aces
  • The Biggest Liar Of All
  • Now, That Was Fast!
  • Faro Flush Out
  • Ace Tumblers!
  • Pseudo Smyth's Myth
  • Naff All!
  • Squeaky-Clean Cannibals
  • Crave For Craven
  • The Unwanted Visitor
  • Face-up 16th Card Fooler
  • Dicing With Death
  • Very Odd Sandwich
  • Stepping-Stone Force
  • Cincinnati's At It Again
  • Cincinnati 45212
  • Those Leaping Aces!
  • Downright Disgusting!
  • The Sign Of The Devil
  • South By Southwest
  • The Rise And Fall Of The Kings
  • What The %$*!
  • Now You're Talking!

1st edition 2007, 1st digital edition 2014, 174 pages.
word count: 37369 which is equivalent to 149 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Frank Daniel
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 05 February, 2014

This book contains nothin but kick ass magic. It's a frigging bargain. 56 tricks for under twenty bucks! Having seen much of the material performed on YouTube, I knew I gotta get it. It's a favorite. Frankie.

Reviewed by Roger Crosthwaite
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 19 January, 2014

I am both a friend and admirer of Paul Gordon. His magic is quite marvellous. No, he doesn't overly fling his fingers - although I know he can - but what he does is produce wonderfully commercial pieces of Card Magic. I believe The Unplanned Card Book is one of his best. Highly recommended. A joyous ride.

Reviewed by Tim Smith
★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 18 January, 2014

Hooray. I have been begging Paul Gordon to re-release this gem. I wanted to buy it as a 'proper' book but it sold out. Thank goodness it's now available as an ebook. Aldo Colombini told me he likes it and I once saw a top review by my hero Peter Duffie. As I said, hoo-blinking-ray! :)
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