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The Sharpie Miracle
by Graham Hey

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The Sharpie Miracle by Graham Hey

Six Sharpies are placed under 6 numbered, identical paper cups. While the performer turns away, a spectator removes a Sharpie from any cup and writes down the number of the cup they selected. They place the paper in their pocket and replace the Sharpie back under the cup. The magician can instantly reveal which number cup they took the Sharpie from. 100% self-working. Nothing is marked. A simple gimmick you may already have does the trick.

Also included is The Pencil Case Mystery which is a brilliant variation on the above routine. 6 pencil cases each contain a different colored Sharpie. While the magician turns away, any Sharpie is selected, used and replaced. The performer can instantly tell which colored Sharpie was used! It's so clever you'll kick yourself. It really is such a cool and clever method. There are also routine ideas to make this into a feature effect. You'll have to buy the pencil cases - so a trip to DollarTree could be in order. But this is SOOOO worth it.

Add to this a lovely close-up (or stand-up) effect using a baggage label and you have an absolute bargain.

1st edition 2022, PDF 14 pages.
word count: 5295 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text